Creativity Matters in Marketing. Not Your Budget.

Every day we are exposed to thousands of messages. And often, agents think the only way they can stand out is to spend more money. But that’s not the case. It really comes down to creativity. The more creative you are with your messaging, the better chance you can stand out and make a difference.  …
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Make self-care your focus in 2022.

Let’s face it, 2021 was a challenging year in real estate. Inventory was low across the nation, and many wrote multiple offers for their clients before they finally got one accepted. At times we felt like therapists and would end our days exhausted and wondering why we got into this business in the first place. …
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How Not To Suck at Marketing

Let’s face it, real estate agents are some of the worst marketers on the planet. Please don’t be offended when I say this, but it’s true. If you want to stand out from the masses, you need to challenge yourself to be creative and fight the urge to put out mediocre ads aren’t memorable and …
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Season of Gratitude

As we approach the holiday season, we reflect on the challenges and successes we’ve experienced throughout the year. We feel grateful for the friends, clients, and family members who have enriched our lives. This week, take time to celebrate others through random acts of kindness. Here are some ideas. MONDAY: Be an active listener Listen …
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Housiversary Gifts Clients Will “Fall” For

On average, people move every five to seven years. Keep your relationship strong by giving a small gift to celebrate your client’s housiversary. Pick something unique, yet practical for the home and they’ll be sure to think of you every time they use it. Here are some of this month’s top gift suggestions to help …
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Be a Party Thrower

Client appreciation parties are the ultimate way for agents to connect to their sphere. It’s estimated that 60% of all agent’s business comes from their database – not technology or prospecting. For this reason, events should be part of every agent’s plan. Here are 5 tips to throwing a great party. #1 Think Outside the …
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Got Nothing To Say? We’ve Got You Covered!

Staying in touch with your sphere can be challenging, especially when you struggle with a reason to reach out. But there’s always something to celebrate. Whether it be the holidays, a birthday, anniversary, or a milestone, every day brings a new opportunity to recognize one of life’s happy moments. Here are 5 ways you can …
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Pop By, Say Hi, And Don’t Feel Awkward About It

Pop-by’s are a great way to reach out to your past clients, friends and neighbors who may be future homebuyers and sellers. They provide agents with the opportunity to get face-to-face by giving a small gift. Pop-bys are nothing new and have been around for a long time. For many agents, pop-bys are common practice. …
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