Every relationship
has an awkward phase.

We help agents
get through theirs.

Being a real estate agent is a lot like dating. You meet someone new. Break the ice with some small talk. Then work up the courage to ask if they’d like to go out with you sometime and check out condos.

And that’s when things can get awkward. Fast. Which is why over 85% of new agents quit or fail in the first five years. Whether you’re new to real estate or a seasoned pro, attracting buyers and sellers can be hard. But thanks to Awkward Agent, it doesn’t have to be.


Getting hard-to-get clients to swipe right.

At Awkward Agent, we’re here to take the chill out of cold calling, the work out of networking, and the hard sell out of your sales pitch. We provide everything from lead-generating direct mail to open house materials to full marketing packages. All professionally designed and customized for you to make the best impression. With our marketing expertise and your people skills, the only awkward moments might be when you cash embarrassingly large commission checks.


Awkward silence.

Bad for first dates and real estate marketing.

Our online planner and virtual marketing assistant make it easy to share a steady stream of marketing that attracts clients’ attention and keeps your name top-of-mind. So you can focus on showing, selling, and closing.


Sweeten every stage of the relationship.

Virtual Assistant

The cheapest, most on-point assistant you’ll ever have. With built-in reminders and the ability to add marketing tasks outside of the Awkward Agent planner, it lets you drive all of your marketing outreach with one smart, simple tool.

Online Planner

To have long-term success, agents need to continually reach out to their market. That’s why our online planner is a must. Choose one of our monthly or quarterly templates or create your own yearly plan and you’ll be on track to reach your goals.

Direct Mail

Target potential buyers and sellers with creative monthly mailers that help showcase your knowledge by offering helpful tips for all things real estate.

Note Cards

There is no substitute for the power of the pen. Take time to write a handwritten note to say hello or send well wishes to celebrate a milestone event with one of our unique agent branded cards. This simple gesture will show them you care and leave a lasting impression.


Popping by with a small gift is sure to brighten a client's day and keep you top-of-mind when they’re ready to buy, sell, or offer a referral. Simply attach one of our professionally designed labels or tags and deliver.

Open House

Open houses can provide visibility for your listing and grow your business at the same time. Be ready to shine with branded, professional materials that get noticed by unrepresented buyers and curious neighbors.


Hosting an event is a great opportunity to build stronger relationships with existing clients and meet new people. Whether you coordinate a small get-together with neighbors, a large client appreciation party, or sponsor a community event, we’ve got you covered. Our detailed event write-ups and shopping lists make planning a breeze.

Gift Ideas

From closings to birthdays to milestones, there’s always an opportunity to recognize one of life’s happy moments. Sending a thoughtful gift will not go unnoticed – or unrewarded with future business when you send one of our hand-picked items.

Social Media

As a real estate agent, you want to stay top-of-mind with your clients. That's why posting regularly on social media is important. Our relevant posts are there when you need them so you always have something to share.


When you join Awkward Agent you become part of a community. With our private Facebook page, training videos and weekly blog we're here to inspire and support you every step of the way.


Get a custom marketing plan in 4 easy steps.


Pick a planner template. Choose from quarterly, monthly or custom.


Browse the Marketing Gallery and select your activities.


Add to the planner and get reminders from your Virtual Assistant.


Download your customized creative or send it to our print shop partner.

Direct Mail
Gift Ideas
Note Cards
Social Media
Open House Kit


Approach clients with confidence.

Plans start at $499/year
  • Marketing Library
  • Online Planner
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Downloadable Customized Creative
  • Print-On-Demand (printing cost additional)
  • Event “How Tos” and Shopping Lists
  • Training Videos
  • Discount on Live & Virtual Mastermind Events

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“Awkward Agent gives me pro marketing help for about what I used to spend on bus benches.”

– Denise C.

“I love my virtual assistant. Once I add an activity to my planner, I receive reminders that keep me accountable."

– Andrew M.

“I'm doing things I never thought I'd do. What used to feel unnatural is now creative and fun."

– Lisa P.

“Awkward Agent is a time saver. In less than an hour I can create my marketing plan for the year."

– John A.