7 Closing Gifts That Show Your Clients Appreciation


As a real estate agent, closing on a home is an exciting moment for both you and your client. It marks a significant milestone in the home buying or selling process. To celebrate this accomplishment, it’s common for agents to give their clients a closing gift. However, finding a unique and creative gift can be challenging. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

#1: Customized Doormat

A customized doormat with the client’s last name or a fun message is a thoughtful and practical gift that adds a personalized touch to their new home. Plus, every time they walk through the front door, they’ll think of you!

#2: Home Cleaning Service

Moving can be stressful, and the last thing your clients want to do is deep clean their new home. A house cleaning service can be a great way to ease their transition and help them settle into their new space.

#3: Home Warranty

A home warranty can provide your clients with peace of mind knowing that major systems and appliances in their new home are covered for a certain period of time.

#4: Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices, such as a smart thermostat or smart speakers, can make life easier and more convenient for your clients in their new home.

#5: Local Artwork

Supporting local artists and adding a unique touch to your client’s new home is a win-win. Consider gifting them a piece of local artwork that reflects the character of the neighborhood.

#6: Moving Day Survival Kit

Moving day can be chaotic, so a survival kit with essentials like water bottles, snacks, and first aid supplies can be a thoughtful and practical gift.

#7: Personalized Closing Gift Basket

A personalized gift basket with items like wine, snacks, candles, and a handwritten note can make your clients feel appreciated and valued. 

Remember, the best closing gift is one that reflects your client’s personality and interests while also celebrating their new home. By taking the time to select a thoughtful and creative gift, you can help your clients feel more connected to their new space and build a stronger relationship with them.

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