Pop By, Say Hi, And Don’t Feel Awkward About It

Pop-by’s are a great way to reach out to your past clients, friends and neighbors who may be future homebuyers and sellers. They provide agents with the opportunity to get face-to-face by giving a small gift. Pop-bys are nothing new and have been around for a long time. For many agents, pop-bys are common practice. However, for others, they can feel extremely awkward. 

The idea of stopping by someone’s house can feel salesy and inauthentic. Especially since traditional pop-bys are accompanied with a request for a referral. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips for delivering a pop-by with confidence. 

Determine Your Intention

When you have good intentions you don’t feel awkward. Figure out the reason behind your visit. For example, make a list of clients in your database who are celebrating their housiversary and drop off a pizza in memory of their moving day. Or, if you know someone who recently had surgery, offer to deliver a homecooked meal. When you approach your pop-bys in this way, the act feels more natural.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

If you’re going to deliver a pop-by, give something you’d want to receive – not a cheesy item from your local dollar store that will end up in the trash. Like your business, be about quality. Portray an image of class and creativity and your visit will be a welcome surprise. And don’t worry about delivering to the masses. Make a list of your top prospects and give as many pop-bys as your budget can afford. Do this each month and over time, you’ll connect with the people who matter the most.   

Don’t Wing It

When it comes delivering pop-bys, planning is key. Mark your calendar each month for a date and time you can commit to.  Like any marketing effort, you need to have it on your schedule or it won’t happen. Be sure to let people know you’re stopping by too. Since you’ll have a good reason for visiting, they’ll be happy to see you.

Change Your Mindset

Agents have a tendency to shy away from delivering pop-bys because the act feels fake. And they’re right, it is when their reason is solely to drum up business. That’s why you need to change your mindset and think of pop-bys as random acts of kindness. Drop off a pop-by because you simply want to brighten someone’s day. Trust us, if you do this often, your effort will not go unnoticed, or unrewarded with future business. 

Kindness Leads To Better Relationships

We know it’s easier said than done, and that’s why the Awkward Agent team is here to support you. We’re in the business of helping real estate agents build stronger, long-term relationships. Contact us today to learn about our unique marketing tools.

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