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According to NAR, 88% of all homeowners say they’d use their agent again. However, only 19% actually do. This means there’s a good chance you’ll never hear from your client again. That’s why it’s so important to give a gift that makes you memorable. After all, it’s not your clients’ job to remember you. It’s your job to make sure they never forget. So today, we’re offering 4 tips to help you leave a lasting impression.

#1: Shelf Life

When it comes to closing gifts, shelf life is critical. Give your clients an item they’ll keep for years to come. Something that every time they use it, they’ll think of you. When you buy a gift intended for the long term your ROI is much greater. For example, DO buy a personalized charcuterie board. DON’T buy a gift card they’ll redeem and forget who gave it to them one month later.

#2: Don’t Be Cheap

We all like saving money, but when it comes to closing gifts, this is not the time to be cheap. Buy your client something nice. In fact, make it the best in class so the gift lasts longer and makes a bigger impact.

#3: Tax Advantage

Did you know there are tax advantages to gifting? In fact, you can write off 100% of your closing gifts when you brand them. However, make sure your logo is small and subtle so the gift does not feel promotional.

#4: Go Beyond Expectation

Many clients expect a closing gift. But how about surprising them when they least expect it? Consider giving gifts to celebrate important milestones – like when their contract is accepted, or on their six-month home anniversary.

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