How To Not Get Fired When Your Listing Isn’t Selling


It’s a common question, and one that we hear all the time. We’ve written this post to help explain how to keep your listing alive and active, so you can avoid getting fired by your clients!

#1: Show your client that you’re invested in their success.

Let them know that you want to work with them, and that you understand how important this sale is to them.

#2: Make sure that your client knows what they’re doing right (and wrong) with their listing.

For example, if they haven’t updated it in a while, let them know that it’s important to have fresh photographs and information about the property available online—that way potential buyers can see what they’re missing out on!

#3: Be Positive

Have your clients just made an offer on a house on which there are multiple offers? When you have a good reputation yours may rise to the top. Agents want to work with other professionals they trust and can communicate openly with  throughout the process.

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