Warm Up To Your Neighbors

Here’s an easy, last-minute event idea. Offer trick-or-treaters a place to warm up this Halloween. This will be a welcome stop along their route and an opportunity for you to get to know your neighbors better.

Why We love This Idea

We love this idea because it’s simple and casual. Clear out some space in your garage, open the doors, and set up some tables and chairs for people to hang out. Serve up some hot beverages and watch the crowds roll in. And don’t worry, your decor can be eclectic. Afterall, you’re hosting it in your garage. Soccer chairs and old card tables are perfectly acceptable! 

Even If You Hate Events, You Can Do This!

This is so easy to do, even the most event-adverse agent can handle it. Yes, you need to be social, but people will be coming and going so you don’t need to worry about entertaining folks for hours. Just say hello and offer them some food and drinks. Plus, this event doesn’t need to break the bank. It can fit any budget. You got this! 

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