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Did you know that 72% of people use a different agent the second time they buy or sell a home? This happens because clients become disenchanted with their agent. It can be a result of poor communication or a feeling that their agent lacked competency in their last deal. 

Open houses are a fantastic way to provide visibility for your listing and do some real estate agent marketing at the same time! Unrepresented buyers and curious neighbors alike will stop by, giving you a golden opportunity to showcase your professionalism. Here are some tips to help you host a successful open house.

Schedule Strategically

You obviously don’t want to hold your open house on a random Tuesday at 2 in the afternoon when everyone will be working. It’s key to be strategic about the day and time you pick. The most popular days to have an open house are Saturday and Sunday. Typically, four hours is a good window of time to get a lot of foot traffic. 

Since it’s the weekend, most agents give potential visitors some time to sleep in, but you don’t want the open house to go through suppertime either. If you’re in a metro area with lots of traffic, try to start earlier such as 11 a.m. But if you’re in a suburban area or not heavily populated location, noon is usually a fine starting time.

Make It Easy for People to Find the Home

It’s better to overestimate your need for signage than underestimate it. Place signs strategically from various roads to ensure no matter which way a person is coming from, they will be guided to the right place. Make every sign big and bold with standout colors. Also try to avoid putting too much information on the sign since people won’t be able to easily read much from their cars. Make the messaging simple and effective.

Create Lots of Handouts

You want to give an open house that conveys as much information as possible about the listing, including information that may not be plainly visible to your prospects. This is why you need handouts for every attendee, including:

  • Information about the neighborhood
  • Information about local schools
  • Monthly utility cost estimates
  • Your personal bio
  • Photos of the house and its description

Every handout is a real estate agent marketing opportunity! Make sure each one includes your contact info so getting in touch with you is easy even if visitors keep some items and throw others out.

Skip the Booze

While it can be tempting to serve alcohol to attract some thirsty locals, you’ll get the most valuable prospects if you don’t have to weed out serious visitors from those who are simply in it for the free happy hour. Unless you are hosting a broker open or neighborhood preview, just skip the alcohol altogether. Instead, make a pot of coffee and serve baked goods or small appetizers. This is a fun incentive that’s free of unnecessary distractions. 

Do Your Homework

The most successful open houses require a little homework on the front end. Take a look at other properties in the area and see what your house is offering that others aren’t. If there are several, narrow it down to the three hottest selling points that make your listing stand out. Then rather than rattling off as many great features of the house as possible, really sell those key features to your prospects. It will show your knowledge of the local market and excite visitors!

Get the Help of Awkward Agent

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