The Agent’s #UnpopularMusicOpinionHour Recap

Last Friday, my followers on Twitter likely saw a barrage of posts with the trending hashtag #UnpopularMusicOpinionHour which I actually posted non-stop for an ACTUAL hour (an impressive feat considering that I don’t like being glued to Twitter for very long).

But, the problem with Twitter is that it’s hard to convey an opinion with just 140 characters. So, this week, I’m going to elaborate on just a few of those posts to better get my point across.

“Some of the best music ever came from Super Nintendo Games.”


I was born just as gaming was pulling itself out of the Stygian abyss of the North American gaming crash and started gaming when I was four. Back then games were much simpler in terms of visuals, gameplay, and story. So, developers had to rely on other stimuli to build an environment that left an impression on the player.

Music, to me, is one of those ways that’s often overlooked. Can you honestly say you’d feel the same hurried dread in Super Castlevania 4 without “Dance of the Holy Man” in the background or the blood-boiling hype of Killer Instinct without its iconic theme?

To be fair, games have always been home to memorable music and still come out with great soundtracks to this day. But, this era of games will always hold a special spot in my brain space.

“Getting kinda sick of Katy Perry, actually.”


Believe it or not, there was a mythical time when I didn’t mind Katy Perry. At first, she seemed like just another well-intended, but heavily misguided female empowerment icon (the irony is that most women who TRY to be feminist icons are doing a huge disservice to womankind by trying too hard) that I could easily ignore.

But, as time goes by, she’s become completely obnoxious. She flips frantically between over-polished, you-go-girl anthems like “Roar” to sleazy, sex-as-power, pop dreck a la “Birthday.” As a result, both come off as uninformed at best and disingenuous at worst.

My point is that Katy needs to pick an angle and stick with it.

“I can’t stand the sound of Robert Plant’s voice.”


I actually caught some hate from friends for this in the past. So let’s get something straight; I actually like Led Zeppelin. It’s just lead vocalist Robert Plant I can’t stand.

It always bugged me how whiny his voice was. I’d be thoroughly enjoying “Black Dog” right up until Plant’s dog whistle voice (heh… see what I did there?) pulls me out of the moment.

I think the only time that I wasn’t thrown out of the moment by Plant was the classic “Kashmir.” I’d also put “Immigrant Song” on that list, but I feel Karen O caught the feel better.

“Most of the people we call ‘One-Hit Wonders’ deserve more credit.”


I actually delved into this before, but it begs to be repeated – so-called “One-Hit Wonders” tend to keep doing good work in music long after their most well-known hit. And I’m not just talking about long-forgotten tracks like last time. Most do some amazing stuff behind the scenes.

For example, do you love game soundtracks as much as I do? Then you might be surprised to know that Kurt Harland, the composer for the amazing Legacy of Kain series of games, is also the lead vocalist for Information Society. Do you love Adele? Then you should thank Dan Wilson of Semisonic for writing and producing her biggest hit.

Damn, now I just want to write another one-hit wonder article. Guess THAT’S going on the list.

The Question of The Year: The Agent’s Answer to The ‘Giraffe Riddle’


If you get the riddle wrong, might I suggest doing this just to screw with people?

Let’s have some fun and analyze a silly gag on the Internet. Most people are at least aware of the Facebook Giraffe Riddle. They may also be aware of the controversy – silly as though it may be – surrounding it’s answer.

But I honestly feel I have an irrefutable answer that no one could disagree with (though I hope that doesn’t stop people from trying to debate it). But first we have to inform those that might not have heard of it.

The Riddle

Although its Facebook origins are unknown, the riddle officially known as ‘The Great Giraffe Challenge’ was offered up on YouTube by Andrew Strugnell. In the first two days of its upload on October 26th of 2013, the video gained over 55,000 views and its fan page on Facebook got more than 40,500 likes in two days time.

The riddle reads as follows:

“3:00 am, the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors, It’s your parents and they are there for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread, and cheese. What is the first thing you open?”

Anyone who fails to answer the riddle correctly must change the photo on their Facebook profile to that of a giraffe to publicly display their ignorance.

The Debate

There have been some creative answers to this riddle. I seem to recall one person saying the wine is the correct choice because he would need alcohol to deal with guests that early in the morning (Disclaimer: The Awkward Agent does not condone the use of alcohol early in the morning or as a stress relief tool; please drink responsibly).

The two most common answers that are seen are your eyes and the door. The argument is that you have to open your eyes in order to wake up, but the structure of the question suggests that you are already awake because you can identify the sound of the doorbell. On the other hand, you have to open the door to let your parents into the house, but the riddle’s structure fails us again because it seems to suggest you’ve already opened the door to see and recognize your parents.

I have heard so many people arguing about this in public – which, without the right context, makes people sound insane as the yell at one another about eyes, doors, giraffes and breakfast foods.

There is another answer though that I’m surprised I’ve not heard yet.

My answer

Before you open any of the food stuffs on the table to serve breakfast…

Before you open the door to let your parents into the house…

Before you open your eyes to rise from your bed…

You must first ready yourself to greet your guest, whoever they be, and let them know that they are welcome in your presence

Before you open anything else…

You must first open your heart to the guest.

Call it ‘sappy.’

Call it ‘hopelessly romantic.’

I call it ‘lateral thinking with soul.’

Debate Time: Agent vs. Anti-Feminism


You mean women aren’t just animate slabs of beef that clean the house and you can put your willy inside of? Preposterous!

Edit as of !0/25/2013: Due to the author need to check multiple sources simultaneously while working on these articles, a link to a misleading article regarding women’s pay in the work place was posted in place of a more reliable one. The author apologizes to anyone who might have been confused or offended by this.

One of my favorite past times is to take a topic and debate or disprove its theory in order to test the thinking of the other party or show the holes in their logic. I may not even particularly disagree with them; I just want to flex my brain power and keep others on their toes.

This time, however, I’m actively trying to fight the party in question because Anti-Feminists are some of the most narrow-minded and personally offensive people I’ve ever encountered. I rank them among homophobes and racists as people responsible for holding back social progress. Today, I’ll take my stand by taking some of the most common arguments and philosophies I’ve heard and spiting them back into their slack-jawed open mouths so they can eat their own words.

“Why Is This Still Even An Issue?”

This is a common argument mostly heard from people who think that, just because an issue started years before their time, it’s not their problem and it was thoroughly solved by their parents/grandparents/et cetera.

What you’re displaying here is what I call ‘unperceptive bigotry.’ It’s the notion that just because we’ve made great strives against a problem that it no longer exists. Yes, it’s true that we’ve come a long way in woman’s rights – they can vote, work, and have more reproductive freedom. The problem is that you can’t touch up the paint on wrecked car and call it fixed and you can’t do a little legislation on a generations long social problem and call it a non-issue.

Women still only make 77 percent what men do in the work place, terms like ‘legitimate rape‘ are still being used in common parlance, and people who don’t realize these and other issues still exist are only hurting the process of fixing them. It’s the classic coda of, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

“Don’t We Have Other Things More Important To Work On?”

Okay, we do have wars, foreign policies, and an economy to work on. I understand that and I try to make allowances for that. But isn’t multitasking (and, of course, insuring even distribution of power) part of the reason we divided our government up into multiple branches and offices ran by large numbers of people?

Even on a personal level, are you saying that you don’t have time to worry about this? Do you know how ineffective I’d be if I couldn’t keep several metaphorical irons in the fire? I wouldn’t be in school, working on the family farm, AND writing this blog if I didn’t have the capacity to share my empathy with multiple issues.

In short, I think we can all sacrifice an hour a day from our daily Facebook binge to consider how an issue affects us and share that thought with someone who can help do something about it. Speaking of how issues affect us…

“Gender Equality Isn’t An Issue That Affects Me.”

Really? Are you suggesting that you have NO gender? Even if you identify as gender neutral, that’s still a gender.

Or perhaps you mean that your gender is unaffected by this debate because you’re a man. Well, wouldn’t that suggest that you don’t care about the well-being of your mother? What about your wife? Your daughter? Are you so content to let them suffer?

Every issue has an effect on EVERYONE – directly or indirectly. Understanding that long web of connections that we call ‘The Big Picture’ is the key to solving any challenges we experience in society.

“Feminism Emasculates And Victimizes Men!”

… How? Tell me it makes you less of a man. You brought it up; now give me your well-thought out factual data, Mr. Unga-Bunga Zug-Zug Macho Man.

This is easily the stupidest argument for anti-feminism I’ve ever heard. I’ve asked the above question of every man who uses this defense and not a single one has given me a reasonable, fact based answer.

Men, hear me now: the world will not end just because you have to share it with the other kids on the playground. Please try to keep things in perspective.

Last thoughts

Before anyone asks or tries to throw my own sex back at me as a counterpoint, no, I’m not saying this just to ‘get in good with women.’ My Coming Out Day Article should have made it clear that I don’t have that particular motive.

I’m just so honestly tired of fighting about something that should be obvious to even the least observant people. Let’s try to be a little more fair in our treatment of people regardless of what our 23rd pair of chromosomes looks like.


Not Quite Two-Dimentional: How I Would Improve Nintendo’s 2DS


An apt metaphor for Nintendo’s consistent track record with hand-helds.

As a birthday gift to myself, I bought a Nintendo 2DS and a copy of Pokemon X. As a result, my biggest fear is that I’ll never get any productive work done again.

The more that I used it though, the more problems I started to find. Of course, since I have an obsessive compulsive need to nitpick everything regardless of quality, I’m going to share with you the design choices I would have made in building the 2DS.

Disclaimer: THE 2DS ISN’T BAD

I just want to point out that I don’t think the 2DS was mishandled by Nintendo or that it was a bad idea in general; quite the opposite. I think that it’s a great piece of technology that reaffirms Nintendo’s dominance in the hand-held gaming market (excluding tablets and smart phones which, for the most part, won’t be practical in gaming until they give us proper action buttons).

I think there are quite a few great design improvements. The larger size and more centered button layout better fits my hands, the removal of the 3D gimmick was a welcomed change as it was unnecessary and didn’t work well anyway, and the lower price tag is great for gaming on a budget.

So, if I love the 2DS so much, why am I complaining about it? The answer is simple: nothing improves until you acknowledge what doesn’t work. The gaming industry, and Nintendo in particular, lives off of building up from what was successful and trimming off the dead weight. Perhaps Nintendo will see this article and consider these changes for there next iteration of the DS – unlikely, I realize, but I can still hope.

Make It Collapsible Again

I’ve read a slew of complaints on forums about how people can’t fit the 2DS in their pockets because it doesn’t fold up like it’s older brother. I’ve never had this problem before – presumably because my big, fat, Scottish fanny can accommodate larger pockets.

That said, I can’t help but feel that being able to fold the 2DS for storage would have been nice. I understand that they decided on this to remove a structural weak point in the design (many is the DS that has snapped in two in someones back pocket), but not only did closing the console up make in compact, it also protected the screens from damage while carrying it.

I understand that doing this would mean returning back to the original button layout and losing the one I love now, but I feel it’s a small price to pay for functionality. Something else that will ruin my beloved layout…

Make The Screens Bigger

At the time of writing this, I have a searing migraine from having to read text in head splitting Eye-Strain-o-Vision. My already terrible vision is not helping matters.

The point of compressing the screens was to make room for the comfortable button layout I love so much. But again, it’s a matter of choosing the lesser evil. If my thumbs cramp up, I can stop and take a break until I recover. If my head is throbbing, that’s going to follow me all day long.

Rework The Pedometer and Play Coins

One of the things I love about my 2DS is that it forces me to socialize and be physically active in order to get the most use out of it – something once thought impossible for introverts like me to do. Knowing that, I wish that it would challenge me a little more.

This is a gripe about the 3DS line in general rather than the 2DS specifically. As it stands now, the 2DS gives you a ‘Play Coin’ to spend on in game items for every 100 steps you take with a maximum earning limit of ten coins per day. The problem is that I can reach my daily max just walking across the street to go to class. As you can see, it’s hardly a workout.

There are a number of ways to handle this. You could increase the reward requirement to 300 steps for a coin (three steps roughly equate one meter, so 1000 meters for the max reward), but not everyone is that dedicated. Alternatively, you could have it measure distance traveled rather than steps taken by using a GPS tracker, but many conspiracy theorists would complain that ‘the man’ is trying to watch him through his toys.

Instead, I’d suggest programing an automatic difficulty adjustment feature. Have the 2DS keep a log of how many steps you take everyday and raise the requirements for a coin reward if they consistently and significantly break through the ten coin threshold. This would add a slowly rising challenge to the workout and give the player something to strive for.

Game on!

Not only am I looking forward to playing and exploring my new 2DS, but I also look forward to what Nintendo pulls out of it’s hat in the future. I hope that they continue to improve on the past to entertain and edify us in the future.

Breaking Your Beautiful Body: Diets and Supplements That Do More Harm Than Good

Source: The Eye of Abyss (

If I can open a beer bottle on your rib cage, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.
Source: The Eye of Abyss (

One of the many admirable people I follow on the Internet had her Twitter account hacked recently – on her birthday no less. And to what ends you may ask? Nothing more than to flog their bogus weight loss crap by PMing all of her followers.

This got me to considering how far we go to obtain that “perfect body” or become the “model of health” without thinking about the inherent dangers on the path. So let’s take a look at some of the finest in modern day Snake Oil.

The “Cabbage Soup” Diet

According to its supporters, The Cabbage Soup Diet is a seven-day dietary plan that claims that you will lose 10 pound by it’s end provided you stay on its feeding schedule with as many snacks of cabbage soup as you want. And while cabbage is certainly preferable to a bag of chips, there is a reason why we eat a wide variety of foods and not just bland cabbage broth.

The weight loss you’ll see is from water, not fat. This means that the weight will be back as soon as you go off the diet. Also, the lack of nutritional value in cabbage, which is low in protein and high in salt, can rob you of healthy fatty acids (yes, there are healthy fats) and complex carbohydrates leading to fatigue, urinary problems, light-headedness, and uncontrollable gas (ever hear of “Cabbage Farts?”).

The Low Carb/“Atkins” Diet

Most people know about how stupid this diet is by now, but that hasn’t stopped some people from attempting this overly-complex starvation process on themselves.

As mentioned above Carbohydrates are essential. They are the primary fuel source for the body. Without them, the body starts to consume your muscle mass – not your body fat – for energy which can further hinder your fat burning ability. Add to that the fact that low carb “meal replacements” often contain unhealthy additives and that these diets usually result in an increased risk for digestive and cardiovascular disorders resulting from low fiber intake and it’s a wonder anyone still swears by these monstrosities.

Appetite Suppressants

Here’s the great whopping hot mess that got this little conversion we’re having now started in the first place. The theory is that, “I must be fat because I eat to much. Lets trick my body into thinking it’s full.”

Most suppressants are chemically similar to most amphetamine drugs and carry the same dangers; nervousness, heart palpitations, high blood pressure and more. Plus, as I’m sure those who can follow a logical progression have already learned, not eating when you need to means you’re STARVING. And that means you suffer all the ill effects of that without knowing that all you need to stop the pain is a burger.

Diet Soda

Oh, wow! A delicious and sweet-tasting soft drink with no calories? That sounds great!… Or it would be if you weren’t lying to my face.

The fact is that the artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas, namely aspartame and saccharin, actually INCREASE weight gain rather than halt it. It seams that nature and physiology have trained us to expect a lot of nutrition to accompany sweet-tasting food. However, since diet soda has no caloric value, our bodies instinctively start on a feeding frenzy to compensate for the confusion and get something worthwhile in our stomachs. Also, there’s reason to believe that aspartame is a known carcinogen just in case you needed another reason to avoid it.

The Final Point

Most of the commercial success of these fad diets and supplements comes from marketers and corporations feeding off of the most basic primal emotion of its consumer base: fear. We’re all afraid that if we don’t match some physical ideal, we will somehow become worthless to society.

What this fails to consider is that a) the physical ideal is a function of biology and environment rather than fashion, b) which fashions are physically appealing is a function of individual personality and psychology rather than group focus meetings, and c) even when the body is spent, the mind can still be useful and desirable.

Sooner or later, everyone will learn as I had to that the body can and will lose its luster over time and only personality and intellect will remain behind. However, they must be cultivated, trained, and routinely maintained. Stay healthy in body, but don’t do so at the expense of mind and soul. Also, make sure you’re actually being healthy.

Memoirs Of A “Queer” Journalist


I, for one, would love to live in the United States of Fabulous.
Source: Stream

October 11th marks National Coming Out Day, an important day of civil awareness for the LGBT community. It’s a chance for the community to share their stories with others and give other gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people – among others with lifestyles other than hetero-normative – the confidence in their identity to be open in public.

Since I am an avid supporter of LGBT rights and an open pan-romantic asexual, I felt a social obligation to answer some questions that people may have about coming out, as well share my own coming out story on this special day.

Why Is Coming Out Important?

I’m sure a lot of straight people wonder why it’s so important for gay people to announce it to people. I’ve actually heard several people ask, “Why can’t they just keep it to themselves? Wouldn’t it be easier for them to not come out?”

This way of thinking ignores just how stressful being forced to hide one’s true nature can be. And make no mistake, it IS being forced to hide. Let me put it this way; are you familiar with the feeling you get when you’re at work and feel really stressed out because you can’t joke with customers and coworkers the way you do with your friends or you just feel lousy and can’t talk about it to anyone there? Well, imagine never being able to go home to be yourself around friends and family and you have the average stress levels of a “closet” LGBT person.

It’s also important to note that some people see coming out as a sort of rite of passage. Being able to be open about your orientation is a symbol of growth and emotional strength. It’s similar to the feeling you had when you got your first job or earned your driver’s license.

How And When Should I Come Out?

This is one of the most challenging questions an LGBT person will ever ask themselves. The problem comes from the fact that every person is under a radically different set of circumstances. If you want to come out, you need to consider how people will react and how it may affect all parties involved. Remember: this will be just as much of a shocking and tense moment for them as it will be for you.

There are many ways to come out. You can try coming out to a closer friend or family member that you can trust your secrets to and ask them for advice before coming out to the person you want to come out to. You might also try coming out through a letter, text, or email so that you both have time to consider your words so neither of you says something you’ll regret in the future. The method you choose is based solely on your comfort.

Most importantly, you should never feel like you’re on a timer. There is absolutely no perfect time to come out. The only perfect time is when you are comfortable and ready to make the call yourself.

My story

I consider myself very fortunate as I feel my coming out was much easier than most. That said, that’s not to say that there weren’t difficulties.

The first problem was just understanding who I was and forming an identity. I knew I wasn’t gay or bisexual because I had no real interest in sex (sex, in my experience, made many a relationship much too complicated to manage). But at the same time, I couldn’t deny the fact that I found many people – male, female, transgender, and otherwise – attractive both physically and on a basis of personality.

Fortunately, I had discovered a great circle of friends in college that I could talk to about my identity crisis. They introduced me to the concepts that I use to identify myself today. This act of coming out to myself finally let me feel like I had a place in the world that I belonged.

The next step was to tell my parents. This was important to me because I never want to keep secrets from my own mother and father; It just felt dishonest. I was lucky enough to have been born to two very understanding human beings that I could speak to directly. In fact, I recall working it into a discussion on the show The Big Bang Theory claiming that the character of Dr.Sheldon Cooper had a similar identity (and we’re both unintentional braggarts at times).The most difficult part was explaining to them what pan-romantic meant.

Now, here I am on a global forum with the courage and force of character to announce who I am without shame. It’s my hope that everybody learns to welcome those different from them and that those different people will have the courage to be themselves without worrying about their present company.

If you are reading this and you’re one of the people scared of the changing world around you and the people that live in it or are just afraid that you don’t fit in anywhere because of how you identify yourself, know that I understand how unnerving those feelings can be and that I made this blog to help educate those who are confused about something and just need a friendly guiding hand.

Also know that, even though I may have never met you and I probably never will, I want to be a friend to the world and that I truly and unconditionally love you all.

The New Face Of Entertainment: Independent Online Shows And Why You Should Support Them


You may be trading in that remote for a mouse and keyboard after this.

You’d be surprised how often my friends will be talking to me about some great show on television that’s apparently compulsory to watch and then I feel stupid for not following it. Then I have to explain how I just don’t have time for regular television.

Instead, I prefer to follow independent shows that circulate on the internet. There’s a fantastic trove of quality entertainment to be found if you dig just a little.

What Makes Independent Online Broadcasting Better?

The internet is doing what television, radio, and film did when they were first introduced. It’s changing the way that we consume information and how we entertain ourselves and others. Polls show that internet usage has exceeded that of T.V. and that it’s starting to gain on T.V. as a preferred news source .

This makes sense. As we become busier, people are becoming less flexible in terms of their schedules. Television forces it’s viewers around its schedule and people just can’t find time for it anymore. DVR’s and “on-demand” services attempt to correct this, but few people are willing to pay the price tag for what amounts to a glorified bandage.

As for the independent sector of broadcasting, the kind that you regularly find on sites like YouTube, these producers and their viewers benefit from the lack of strict oversight that comes from a studio environment. Whether due to content, running time, or marketability, many of these shows would never see the light of day if a major station were given the choice to air them.

Independent online shows don’t impose a strict schedule on viewers and instead eschew demographics and ratings statistics in favor of offering a variety of content and presentation styles to choose from. In short, if the producer has a good idea, he or she won’t have to fight with channel executives to get it aired; the audience just naturally gravitates to it.

So we know why this new generation of entertainers is superior, but which ones should we follow?


What started on January of 2007 as the “Brotherhood 2.0 Project” to see if brothers Hank and John Green could replace all text based communication with video blogs on a shared YouTube channel for one year is now regarded as one the greatest (and geekiest) expressions of brotherly love recorded.

The Greens each post a new four minute episode regularly to share updates on their lives, interesting discoveries, or just things they thought were amusing. Whether it’s John doing a “critical analysis” of sports games being interrupted by animals or Hank temporarily turning off his cheery demeanor to go on 17 rants in a row, these brothers are dedicated to giving each other and their viewers their daily dose of nerd.

Hank And John have also branched out into other projects as a result of VlogBrothers success. For example, John is a successful young adult fiction writer and a regular host on Mental Floss magazines YouTube channel while Hank is a talented musician and hosts SciShow; all projects that you should look into.

Game Grumps

One of the massive changes to entertainment brought on by the internet is the “Let’s Play” culture where video game lovers chronicle their own experience of a game as they play it. Arguably, there is no one who entertains as much doing this as these guys.

Originally consisting of the duo of Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson and “JonTron” Jon Jafari (who left the show and was replaced by Danny “Sexbang” Avidan from the band NinjaSexParty, but Jon still works on his own show), The Game Grumps play through a combination of iconic and obscure games with commentary ranging from scathing to hilarious. All of this is made even more amusing when their invisible editor Barry Kramer throws in a few graphics to make his own two cents heard (or rather, seen.)

In addition to spinning off into a new series called Steam Train, this show has done more for the fan community than any other thanks to the fan-made Game Grumps Animated sequences that depict the hosts as the characters they are playing as making snide comments from actual episodes of the show and messing with the other characters.

Man At Arms

Tony Swatton is probably one of the hardest working men in Hollywood. He has brought his 30+ years of expertise in the lost art of blacksmith armoring to over 200 feature films and television series. The only problem: those weapons were all harmless aluminum props. These, however, are the real deal.

Man At Arms has Swatton recreating the most iconic weapons of film, television, and video games as real and fully functional blades. The formula draws from shows like American Chopper, but cuts out the unnecessary and annoying drama in favor of focusing on the steps to making these fine pieces of art while still maintaining a heavy metal edge (no pun intended).

Making weapons ranging from simple builds like Jamie Lannister’s sword from Game of Thrones to the absolutely “redonkalous” Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7, Tony Swatton proves his skill and shows the beauty in this under-appreciated and often overlooked craft.

Game Exchange

The problem with geeks is that we tend to focus on a very limited field of expertise. Fortunately, we have shows like Game Exchange to broaden our horizons.

After spending two and a half years living in Japan, the host known lovingly as “Gaijin Goombah” decided to use his love of video games as a means of teaching others about significant cultural influences in the medium. While he primarily focuses on Japanese culture, his goal is to eventually cover all of the cultures of the world.

The novelty of the show comes from the presentation. In the show, Gaijin Goombah plays an actual Goomba who adopts the way of the samurai (“Gaijin” translates from Japanese meaning “Foreigner”) to stop a clan of ninja from spreading cultural ignorance and hatred.

Goombah works very closely with other producers as a member of The Game Theorists, a group of video game aficionados who analyze gaming culture. They include “MatPat” Mathew Patrick who hosts the group’s namesake series that forms theories about the strangeness of games and Ronnie Edwards who runs Digressing and Sidequesting – a show that deals with a more general analysis of games. So it would be worthwhile to check them out as well.

There is SO much more…

I could go on forever about other great shows and producers that deserve support, but this is already the longest article I’ve ever written, so let’s end this by saying that the web is where good ideas can run free and unhindered by stuff-shirt television executives that can’t understand good taste without statistics and charts. If you have an indie show you want others to see, please share it with us in the comments and let us all be entertained and informed.