The Gift of Two Grumps

Seriously guys, let’s chill out for a sec. ‘Kay?
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As mentioned in my article on independent shows online, I love Game Grumps. It’s a funny and entertaining show that sets the bar for all would-be comedy game playthroughs (I hesitate to use the term “Let’s Play’s” out of respect to them).

However, the fanbase has been divided ever since June 25th of this year. This came as a result of “JonTron” Jonathan Jafari leaving the show’s production to be replaced by Leigh Daniel Avidan, AKA; Danny Sexbang. The fans, as would be expected on the internet, are now caught in a war over who is the Superior “Not-So-Grump” and if Jon should return.

But honestly, I think that this change is the best thing to ever happen to ANYONE that is currently or was previously involved with the show – including Jon and Danny. Today, I will explain my position on this matter as well as analyze what makes these two men so amusing.

Why JonTron Is Funny (And What His Limits Are)

Relax, Jon. It’s constructive criticism.
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Jon’s brand of humor centers around his bombastic nature. If you watch his work, either on Game Grumps or his own show, He excels at going overboard with his emotions and drawing out the same reactions from those he works with. Remember, the key to good humor is exaggeration. In Jon’s case, he chooses to exaggerate reactions and emotion to comedic effect.

Jon’s weaknesses, however, also stems from this humor as he has a tendency to go too far with his extreme reactions to the point where they become exhausting or unlikeable. Let me put it this way, when poor over-worked Game Grumps editor Barry Kramer has to censor you five times in a row for dropping the n-word and even co-host Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson calls you out for “derailing” the show, it’s time to tone it down a little.

Why Danny Sexbang Is Funny (And What HIS Limits Are)

It takes a special man to rock a unitard with a ninja on a cardboard key-tar.
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Like Jon, Danny’s humor is reliant on exaggeration. But where Jon exaggerates his emotions and actions, Danny’s exaggeration comes from his witty observations and Arin’s reactions to them (and the audience’s reactions by extention). The moment that many claim earned Danny the love he has now, the “Death Approaches” gag from Part 5 of their Super Mario Bros. 2 series, illustrates this strength well. In addition, his own reactions seem more genuine and less forced then Jon’s as evidenced in Part 3 of Mega Man 2.

Sadly, Danny lacks the envelope pushing nature of Jon. Jon may play too far in the middle of the street too often, but Danny has yet to even see the other sidewalk. On the rare instances where he does get raunchy, he tries to insist that it be edited out which Arin disallows due to the format of the show using real time reactions.

Why The Change Is Good For Everyone

This has nothing to do with the topic; I just REALLY wanted to show Arin making one of his goofy faces.
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Let’s take a look at what this shift in dynamic does for everyone involved.

First, it creates talk among fans and non-fans which spreads the word about the show and drives more traffic to them. This benefits the Game Grumps cast and crew as a whole.

Second, Danny now has a second channel on YouTube to complement his music videos for Ninja Sex Party. This gives him more coverage and fans of one of his works will be more likely to check out the other when they inevitably hear about them.

Third, Jon’s fans will be more likely to support his own show out of loyalty while giving him more time to devote to another show where he has much more creative freedom.

Lastly, we, the fans, now have two rival camps ala Capt. Kirk/Capt. Picard (or Joel Robinson/Mike Nelson if you’re especially geeky). This lets us debate the merits of both and feel like we’re being constructive.

What Do I Personally Think?

Personally, I prefer Danny as a co-host over Jon. Jon’s brand of humor has saturated the Internet to the point of my own disinterest and I just want something fun and different.

This, of course is not to take anything away from anyone. Both Jon and Danny are amazing performers and talents that deserve every bit of praise they get and I wish them good fortune in their future exploits.