3 Generally Awesome YouTube Channels

You know what, I’m still reeling from illness and haven’t talked about anything positive for a while. So, let’s shout out some talented people.

The last time I had something nice to say about YouTube was when I shared a trio of channels for the artsy DIYer. Today, I just want to go off on three channels that had nothing in common other than just being a lot of fun and offering something nice and/or useful to the viewer. So, let’s just get happy and celebrate some cool people.

The Obscure

The tongue-in-cheek review has been a staple of internet entertainment for as long as most of us can remember the internet. However, they’ve almost always come from a stance of crapping on old media for laughs.

The Obscure stands out from the horde of angry reviewers by demonstrating genuine nostalgia for the things of the past that mirrors the fond memories that we have for our favorites-gone-by; offered through the character of someone with all the enthusiasm of someone who probably shouldn’t have dropped the brown acid at Woodstock.

While the goofy comedy is the primary draw, The Obscure does occasionally drop some insight on us; showing how these things long-forgotten helped shape popular consciousness today.


Here’s a little something special for the handymen in the audience.

AvE may be a little to foul-mouthed and rough around the edges for some, but for me, he more than makes up for it with his knowledge of tools and machining.

AvE combines his experience as an engineer with his glorious and uniquely Canadian sense of humor (“skookum as frig,” has become one of my favorite phrases) to teach us the nuts and bolts of making your way around a DIYer’s workshop. In amongst his workshop tricks, he also works on his series, ‘Bored Of Lame Tool Reviews’ (BOLTR for short) where he disassembles and analyzes everyday tools and appliances to determine if they’re actually worth your money.

CGP Grey

An American-born teacher living in England, CGP Grey is the kind of person you want to run an educational YouTube channel; someone you genuinely enjoys teaching and believes that knowledge can change the world.

CGP Grey covers a broad swath of topics including modern technology, civics, politics, and geography while explaining in clear terms why these things are so important to know and how they affect us. Overall, he’s very good at making you care about what he’s saying with a calm, mellow, and charismatic voice.

He also has a podcast with his friend Brady at Numberphile if you need more knowledge dropped on you by people WAY smarter than I could ever hope to be.

Role Models in Fiction

Source Cheezburger.com

I’ve… got nothing. The picture says it all.
Source: Cheezburger.com

Hey, folks!

Instead of a regular article today (class work and other obligations are whipping my ample buttocks this week), I thought I’d ask a question of my readers.

We all need a figure to look up to and admire. When normal people in the real world just can’t do the things we want to aspire to, we look to tales of fantasy for inspiration, guidance and strength. The stories that we hear and share with one another have served as a guide to how we want to live our lives.

I would have to say my first fictional role model was one Daria Morgendorffer. When I first starting watching the show in the mid to late 90’s, I was accustomed to routine ridicule and even physical violence for being the geek of the class. Daria was the first person I could think of that was similarly ostracized from the crowd for preferring to keep to herself and think rather than blindly follow social norms without questioning them; a “Brain,” as she would call herself. I saw her as strong and realized that I needed to continue on my own path without the rest of the crowd because what worked for them – popular trends, fashion, and mindless socializing without any real communication – could not possibly work for someone like me who thought about his world a bit to much for his own good.

And that’s what I want to talk about today. What characters in fiction do you look up to? A comic book superhero? A figure from one of your childhood fairy tales? What life lessons did they teach you? Answer the poll below and comment below so we can share our stories, learn from each others icons, and feel good.