Archive News: Everything went FUBAR

Hey, Field Operatives. I just got back from my trip to New York. It was most pleasant and I feel fully refreshed.

Good thing too, because everything turned against me while I was out.

Firstly, due to trouble on the road and having to divert from the original path to avoid MULTIPLE accidents on the highway, I’ve arrived late and don’t have time to work on an article this week.

Another time-consuming factor is the news that my landlady is bumping up our rent, so it looks like we may have to vacate unexpectedly. That means a lot of time spent packing and possibly time without internet access.

I’m currently looking at workarounds to fix the internet issue. That said, even if I can’t get regular articles out for a while, I’ll at least keep you all posted on my living situation.

Here’s hoping we get back on schedule next week.

Archive news: Interuptions and Milestones

Okay, Field Operatives. The bad news is that, between banking conundrums, computer upgrades, a new car, getting off of my dear parent’s auto insurance, and generally trying to level up my adulthood skill, I won’t have a new article ready for this week.

The good news is that we finally reached 100 followers on WordPress! Thank you all for your help and support these past years. I hope you’ll continue to support my little project as time goes on by sharing articles with your friends and following on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t forget to check out and comment on last week’s article about Transhumanism and discuss your thoughts on the use of technology to extend our lives.

Archive News: I Don’t Feel So Good

Yeah, we’re doing this again. Sorry.

Between prepping for my cousin’s wedding, shifting work schedules, and being slammed with an as yet unidentified illness, I just don’t have the strength or energy for the blog this week. I promise I’ll be back next week to set things right.

Also, next week should see me return to my normal Tuesday posting schedule so long as we don’t get any more unpleasant surprises.

Archive News: New job and New Delays

I have good news and bad news field operatives.

New good news is that I found a new job that, after the initial training, will be full time and allow me to move to a more dynamic environment.

The bad news is that this all throws my writing schedule out of whack.

As you may have guessed., I’m postponing tomorrow’s article until I can sort this mess out and figure out a new schedule. Sorry for the delay, but the paying job has to come first.