3 Twitter Feeds That Are Totally Worth Following

I’ve spent a few articles celebrating YouTube channel that were a lot of fun and/or added to society in some small measure. But, I feel like it’s time to show some love to other social media giants.

In all honesty, I have difficulty with Twitter. Its brand of ‘micro-blogging’ isn’t conducive to the ramblings of a long-winded so-and-so like me. That said, I still make use of it to keep up to date on happenings and goings-on. But, in my searches, I’ve found a few feeds that were genuinely good on their own merits. Such as…

Penny Underbust

I pray I look this good one day…
Source: @Penny_Underbust on Twitter

Let’s start by talking about my favorite chubby cyborg (her words, not mine).

As a recently out-and-proud transwoman, I’ve been eager to look for positive female figures to add to my life – particularly where body positivity is involved. And Penny Underbust is all about making your body what YOU want it to be and being happy with it.

As her online moniker implies, Penny’s defining trait is her rather ample bosom. And while breast augmentation isn’t quite one to one with HRT and bottom surgery, she very clearly understands the need to feel comfortable in your own skin; a need that she’s turned into a modestly successful career as a Youtuber and cosplay model who reviews clothing, plays ukelele, provides makeup tutorials, and generally spreads good vibes to all including transgender and non-binary people – “gender rebels,” as she lovingly refers to us as.

If you have an eye for fashion or just need some positivity in your life, I highly recommend following her on Twitter and YouTube and consider supporting her on Patreon.

Speaking of positivity…

Good News Network

Well, the other thing happens too, but THIS is something we can actually CHOOSE for ourselves.
Source: @goodnewsnetwork on Twitter

Anyone that has followed me on Facebook or Twitter knows that I try to start the weekend off right by proliferating the hashtag #GoodNewsFriday; my campaign to remind the world that there is good to be had in the absurdity of life. And these folks are my primary source.

The Good News Network, GNN for short, is dedicated to tracking down and reporting on people that are trying to make life just a little more pleasant for all of us. They do this through Twitter, on their website, and on their podcast. Think Buzzfeed, but less up its own tailpipe and more reliable.

There really isn’t much else to say; it’s a reputable news source that encourages people to do good in the world. What more do you want?


This right here… THIS is art…

So, let’s talk high-tech…

For those not in the know, a “Twitter Bot” is a kind of software that is scripted to perform certain actions on Twitter. Most of the time, it’s something annoying or outright malicious like tagging everyone that uses a certain word in a tweet to send them links to buy a useless book. But some people have begun to use Twitter Bots to create auto-generated art.

Such is the example set by Pentametron, a Twitter Bot programmed to seek out and retweet other peoples tweets in pairs that just so happen to form naturally occurring, rhyming verses of Iambic Pentameter – the style William Shakespeare was famous for using.

This is essentially a high-tech fusion of the style of Shakespeare combined with one of my favorite literary styles; the “Cut-up technique” popularized by beat poet legend William S. Burroughs in which text is scrambled and rearranged to create new works.

It’s a pleasant reminder of how art sometimes occurs by total accident and that we just need to stop and appreciate it some times.

Three YouTube Channels For Creative People

Okay, A real short, simple one this week because a lot of stuff is happening right now.

Recently on my Facebook and Twitter pages, I started sharing craft and cookery ideas under the banner of the hashtag #MakeItMonday. I feel that it’s important to give yourself a project or two to tinker with for the sake of mental health. It keeps you sharp, it’s entertaining, and it give you a sense of accomplishment when you’re done.

So, for all of those DIY Field Operatives out there, here are some specialty crafted YouTube channels designed to teach you how to make it yours… whatever “it” may be.

Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”

Grant Thompson is probably one more well-known DIYers on YouTube and it’s easy to see why people love him. He’s has a wide range of interests, deep respect of his viewers, and has a deep passion for creating.

True to his title, part of the fun of Thompson’s channel is the random nature of the videos. One week he’ll show you how to make sweet smelling bath bombs for your amoré. The next he’s MacGuyvering a metal foundry for recycling aluminum out of a flower pot.

His varied tastes ensure that you won’t be doing the same boring stuff every weekend. Just check out a random video, and see where it takes your ideas.


For the foodies, there’s Tasted – a channel that, like a parent trying to make a fussy child eat, strives to make food fun.

In addition to sharing food and drink recipes on shows like “Superhero Kitchen,” “How to Drink,” and “Rustic As F#%K,” they also report on various food-related topics like new flavors of snack foods and options at popular restaurant chains.

My favorite show of theirs is “Why Would You Eat That?” – an exploration of traditional foods from other countries that often ends with hilarious results.

Bill Doran

Bill Doran is a blessing to cos-players and LARPers the world over. If you ever needed a prop or suit of armor that you just couldn’t find online or didn’t want to spend the money on, he’s your man.

Doran’s videos not only show his process as he recreates props from movies and games, but his “Prop: Shop” series also goes into detail on specific techniques.

Personally, I get the most use out of his EVA foam tutorials (you know, the kind of foam people put on the floors of workshops and gyms to reduce the impact on your feet and knees).

If you enjoy and get good use out of his videos, you should consider going to his online store and buying his books and blueprints.