Archive News: Thanksgiving Wishes and Blessings From The Agent

So, as I’m sure many of you may have guessed, I’ll be off with family tomorrow for Thanksgiving meaning that I won’t have new material for you this week. That said, I do want to share some brief thoughts with you before I head out.

Thanksgiving is notorious among families as the day when, while trying to enjoy our day, someone will often pipe up with some sort of opinion or religious/political view that starts a HUGE argument that puts everyone off the meal. And given the tumultuous and nerve-racking events of the past year, especially in the past few weeks, that tradition not only seems much more likely to happen but seems likely to be more heated than usual. And that’s an even bigger problem for those who already don’t feel welcome in their own families (seriously, who’s the genetic defective that thought it would be a good idea to place Election Day so close to a day of family gatherings ?).

I feel that’s part of the reason the recent ‘Friendsgiving’ trend has gotten so big; I already know a lot of people who are much closer to their friends than their blood relations. Hell, even I refer to one of my best friends as ‘my little sister.’

But, in regards to the topic of uncomfortable conversations at dinner this year, I want to urge you to not diffuse or distract from those dialogs. Instead, encourage civil discussion on the topic. Encourage free-thinking from all parties involved (that means you as well) and try to clear the air. Turn the heated debate into a friendly problem-solving session.

And just to be clear, I’m not saying you should LOOK to start something. But, if something comes up, be the one to defend yourself IN A CIVIL MANNER and try to make peace while working out your differences.

Say what you will about this year, but everything that has happened so far has made for fertile grounds for a new golden age of pride, discourse, and activism. In other words, this could be a world where people like me who thrive on civil debate and discussion can be at our best. Go out, be proud, say your peace with grace, and stuff your face in joy and self-respect.

Archive News: No Article Doesn’t Mean No Content

Yep, It’s break time again. Nothing serious; just a little overworked and under inspired this week.

That said, I don’t like leaving you with nothing to entertain/inform. So this week, I’ll be recommending that you listen to Episode 1 of T-Time with Joshua D. Lambert.

I’ve mentioned my friend Josh several times on Facebook and Twitter and I still support him in all of his endeavors. If you’re a Transgender person looking for inspiration and a sense of belonging or just a supportive person looking to deepen your understanding, give him your love by listening in to his podcast. And also consider checking out his book, Finding The Boy Within.

I’ll be back next week refreshed and ready to perform this labor of love as always. I’ll see you all then.

Archive News: Unscheduled Mental Health Day

Mellow greetings, Field Operatives!

So, a lot of stuff has been going on lately up my way. I recently suffered a huge financial headache. I’ve been juggling my duties to work, family and friends. I’m still struggling to make this new computer what I want it to be.

Basically, I lack the creative energy and drive to wax philosophic on the everyday things that I hold dear to me this week.

So, to save myself from a potential psychotic break and hopefully ease the anxiety-triggered muscle spasms that are currently wrecking my neck and shoulders, I’m taking some sound advise and treating myself to an impromptu vacation.

So yes, you can take this to mean that I won’t be doing an article this week. Sorry about that.

But fret not, my loyal Field Operatives. During my time off, I’ll be in Maine and you have my word that I’ll be sharing the details of my trip on my return – with photos.

I just feel that, as I draw closer to my 100th post here at The Archive, I need to take a brief mental refresher to ensure that I can give you my absolute best work. After all, I can’t think to my fullest capacity if my mind and soul are weighed down by other issues.

See you all later this week!