The Agent’s Favorite Gags of April Fool’s 2015

I know of a fair number of people that detest the concept of April Fool’s Day, but I just can’t bring myself to hate on it. I love the idea of a day where it’s socially acceptable to mess with people’s heads.

More so than that, I like seeing what established companies and personalities on the internet do to play with the folks that support them. So, let’s take a look at some of my favorite harmless shenanigans of this year.

Ingress One-ups Google’s Prank

“I got In-Gress Fe-ver!”
Source: GeekNative

For those that don’t know, Ingress is an augmented reality mobile game that turns major landmarks and locations into portals that you compete for control over with players around the world.

Now, some of you may be aware of Google turning its maps into playable Pac-Man stages. But Ingress said, “Why play Pac-Man in the streets when you can BE Pac-Man in the streets?”

For one day, the game was Pac-Man themed. Your marker was the titular hero, the portals were ghosts, and the Exotic Matter (XM, for short) that powers your actions became those classic pellets.

It was oddly satisfying to walk through town collecting XM and hearing that classic “Waka-Waka” sound. I would say that an AR Pac-Man game would be a great concept, but I’d imagine a lot of accidents resulting from people staring at their phones and not watching where they were going.

Still, if any of the development team is reading this, could you make the option to make this a permanent change for us? Thanks.

Gaijin Goombah “Loves” Pachinko

I’ve mentioned how much I love the work of Gaijin Goombah here and how he can find value in the things that others either don’t notice or just take for granted. But it seems even he can’t get excited about every game that comes his way.

In a video claiming to “take a critical look into one of Japan’s most thriving gambling past times,” Gaijin blindsides us with a slow clip of a video pachinko machine (he had to buy the game due to strict anti-photograhy laws in parlors). I think the funniest part was just the slow pan on his blank “Pokerface” expression – totally speechless in the face of the repetitive sight before him.

Oddly enough, this got me to thinking about the concept of Pachinko and its appeal. I think it may come from the fact that it’s almost completely automated and requires little effort from the player other than launch power adjustment. I almost want to compare it when I go to the arcade and drop streams of tokens into prize ticket games.

So, thanks Gaijin; You made me laugh and think.

DeviantART Discovers a New Color

“The colors, Duke! The Colors!”
Source: The Daily Dot

Right off the bat this sounds fairly standard. A bunch of DeviantART administrators got together to write an article about a new color discovered via the Large Hadron Collider. Seems like their sort of thing – an art community would naturally be inclined to joke about something that revolutionizes visual media.

But here’s why I like this gag so much; as stupid and obvious as it was, I COULD have bought it.

You see, so-called “impossible colors” technically exist and have been talked about for some time. At first when someone told me about this article, I thought they meant they found a way to visualize them. But a quick read and I soon lifted the veil.

Nice try, folks. Next time, be sure to bring your A-Game.

ProJared’s Fun with Phalli (Warning: NSFW Video)

ProJared normally has a surprisingly refined style in his videos. So you can imagine my surprise when he spent over three minutes in a video talking about dicks (or DYICKS if we’re going by his pronunciation).

The funny thing is that, though I doubt he intended it this way, this video is a nice reversal of the male gaze in gaming. So many games focus on large breasted women. So, seeing guys get similar treatment was kind of refreshing.

I’m some what disappointed he left out Shin Megami Tensei’s Mara. I mean, you can’t get much more DYICK in a game than making a character that is quite literally a giant, sentient DYICK.

Regardless, thank you, Jared, for making us laugh and sharing some SWEET DYICK, BRO.

The Agent’s Guide to Ethical Pranking


Whoever did this, for example, is a total slime ball.
Source:Fun On The Net

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!

Even though I haven’t engaged in any tomfoolery in years, I still find some pleasure in the mischief of others.

The only problem I have – no one knows how to be an ETHICAL prankster anymore.

I remember back in my day that a good prank was something that everyone could laugh at, fool and fooled alike. These days, it seems that a lot of pranks are just unwarranted acts of maliciously calculated schadenfreude.

So, on this most glorious day of playful misconduct and joyous shenanigans, I will detail for you my code of morals when trying to flummox those unfortunate enough to be called my friends.

Like A Doctor; Do No Harm

A well crafted prank should never result in any kind of damage to property or person. For instance, on paper, greasing the floor so your friend will face plant may seem funny, but it’s also a good way to hurt someone you care about.

Also, destroying other people’s stuff is a bad idea as well. Your victim will be less likely to join in the joke if he has to replace his windshield because of your jackass-ery.

I’m sure you wouldn’t be laughing if your buddy cracked his head open on his wide-screen TV that broke as it fell him and had to be rushed to the hospital (If you would, why are you even here. This is a happy place). So ask yourself before you prank if this could have any potential for destruction or dismemberment.

No One Likes A Bully

This one should go without saying which is why it’s being said.

The prank stops being fun when it starts being about spite and the target of your ire is undeserving of shame and/or is unable to defend themselves.

Let me put it this way; remember that creep in grade school with the triple-digit body weight and double-digit IQ that would stuff you in your locker and hang your underwear on the flag pole? Yeah, that’s what you are doing when you prank that 12-year old kid.

Anyone can pull a prank on a single person less fortunate then themselves. A true master of roguish merriment can baffle a whole army of people greater then themselves.

Strive For Greatness

If you must prank someone, don’t just do some lame gag that anyone can do. Take a look around for inspiration and do something amazing.

Not only did no one become famous putting a ‘kick me’ sign on someone, but the more amazing your prank is, the more likely they’ll be to laugh with you and – by extension – the less likely you’ll be to get in trouble for your deviltry.

Don’t just give someone a wedgie. Go the extra mile; place posters declaring National Wedgie Day in front of the Victoria’s Secret.

Have Fun

Above all else, this is a day for fun and frivolity. Let loose and share some laughs with the people you love and cherish. Keep these pointers in mind and you and your targets will be sure to have a memorable day.