The Agent’s Mobile Gaming Dump – November 2018

Well, I’m burnt out and uninspired. So let’s fall back on my default topic of discussion; my growing appreciation of mobile games.

Honestly, despite the classic-to-crap ratio being kind of disappointing, I’m surprised at how much fun I have with mobile games if only for a brief time before moving on. But these three have stuck with me for some time now and I’m likely not going to back out of them soon.

Steven Universe: Tap Together

Aww… no love for Amethyst on the title screen? But she’s my little purple pumpkin…
Source: Steven Universe Wiki

Wow, how long has it been since I geeked out over Steven Universe on this page?

I’ll be honest, as much as I love this show, the games are the one segment I’ve been giving a pass on for some time. That said, This is a fun little idle clicker to help pass the time.

It also does a fair job at going beyond a few of the other idle clickers I’ve played by getting other players involved with raid matches, regular events, and club tournaments – all big rewards. You can even donate character fragments (use for unlocking and improving characters) to your club and use them to bid on fragments you need. It adds a much-needed sense of community.

It’s far from perfect; hearing the same voice lines from characters gets tiresome after a while and there’s a lot of downtime between rounds of leveling up. But it’s a good game to chill with after a long day.

Game of Dice

They say that the gods play dice with the lives of mortals…

You know that trope of anime where the hero has to save the world by playing games with the rest of the cast. Well, this a game that plays like one of those shows if the game were Monopoly.

That description may sound like a bit of a turn off as Monopoly is the poster child for ‘games that will end friendships.’ But this app does a lot to fix many of the problems with the original. The game moves much faster and often ends well before the set limit of turns while unlockable characters, dice, and customizable decks of skill cards add an extra level of strategy to the game.

If I were to complain about anything, I’d say that it feels a bit limited in its gameplay with only a hand full of game modes that only offer a few minor changes to play. But, even then, it’s a fun game that gets me using my brain.


All the fun of a claw machine without the feeling that you’re getting hosed out of your quarters.
Source: Facebook

You know those claw machines at the arcade that are a total scam because the owner crams them so full of crap that you can never get a good grip and they set claw to be super flimsy and slide right off of everything.

Yeah, this ain’t one of those claw machines.

Clawee is a for real, totally legit, physically-present-in-the-real-world claw machine that you control from your phone to win ACTUAL prices. You get free coins to play with every day, they mail the prizes to your door and even if you run out of plays, it’s still a lot of fun to watch other people play and get excited as they score cool stuff as well.

The unfortunate downside is that, due to the fact that the video streams live, there is a slight delay between your commands and the action on screen. However, with skill and patience, you can very quickly compensate for this and be on your way to winning plush dolls, jewelry, vinyl figures, and home decor.

Work Search Reflections: On Job Applications and Resume Submission

Yes, I’m old fashioned and still use these. Let’s focus on the main issue, shall we?
Source: Heart At Work Associates

As many of you who follow me know, I’ve been fairly active in looking for work these last several months. As I’ve been doing so, I’ve noticed a few things.

I actually haven’t been in the job market for some time as a result of school; I was making a comfortable profit off of my grants and scholarships and the this allowed me to focus exclusively on my education. As a result, the market and methodology for gainful employment has changed quite a bit since my last search.

For starters, I’ve noticed that many places no longer accept traditional paper applications or resumes, instead insisting that all new applicants submit their information online.

Let me begin by saying that I get why they do this. The internet and digital communication in general are faster and allow mass communication. A digital application or resume can be forwarded to multiple higher-ups in a company for review and allows the applicant to apply from the comfort of home.

However, speaking as a both a communications major and a psychology minor, I find that a significant part of the job hunting process is making an impression with your prospective employer. By meeting them in person and physically handing them your credentials, to have a chance to let them know exactly who you are and make them remember you.

Also, the act of meeting them eye-to-eye increases the likelihood of them responding. When a person can associate a face to you and knows you are fully capable and willing to be proactive in making the first move, they will be more likely to respond in a more timely manner.

For example, most stores I applied to online took a month or more to respond back despite my contacting them multiple times on the subject. Meanwhile, other similar stores that still accept resumes and applications in person responded in less than a week.

Actually, this ‘online vs. in-person’ dilemma expands to most aspects of life. Communication with friends and family on Twitter, watching live streaming video, and playing games online just don’t feel as socially satisfying as chatting in the den, watching a movie in the theater, or throwing friendly smack talk to the guy next to you while playing Super Mario Kart.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is this: for the speed and convenience of online communication, it can’t and shouldn’t replace good old-fashioned chit-chat. As for the job market, I’d really like to see more places still accept hard copy applications as well as digital ones. It would give them one more opportunity to learn the character of the people that they hire.