It’s Not About You

Good real estate agents realize that their work isn’t about them. They take a service-minded approach to their business and aim to support their clients through every step of their real estate transactions and beyond. Here are some agent marketing ideas to help you shift your attitude and make your clients feel like #1.

Talk About Their Lives—Not Just their Pocketbook

No one wants to be treated like just a buyer or just a seller whose sole function is to make you money. Relationships between the real estate agent and the client are the backbone of every real estate transaction. If you’re only talking to your clients about buying or selling, you’ll never be able to truly develop a relationship. Take the time to ask your clients about aspects of their lives that have nothing to do with their real estate transaction.

Give Pop-Bys and Gifts

Small tokens of appreciation and pop-bys are great ways to show clients you care about them. They don’t have to be expensive. Something simple like a candle, coffee mug, or fresh bouquet of flowers is simple, but it will be well appreciated. If your client is new to the area, you could also make a gift basket of items from local businesses including a gift card to your favorite restaurant.

Put Something in Their Pocketbook

This one can be tricky, but if your client offers a service or owns a business that you’re going to utilize anyway, take advantage of it! If they own a coffee shop, get your morning coffee from your client’s business. If they own an auto detailing business, schedule a time to get your ride detailed. Helping your clients’ bottom line deepens your connection with them and ultimately helps your bottom line too. 

Send Personalized Cards on Special Occasions

Most businesses send out emails, texts, or cards on their clients’ birthdays or on major holidays like Christmas. This may be a tactic you’re already employing with your clients as a real estate agent. However, if you really want to go the extra mile, don’t merely copy and paste your message to every single client on your list. Send handwritten notes and try to include a personalized detail that shows the thought you put into the card. It takes just a few minutes but leaves a lasting impact. You can do the same thing on special occasions such as the birth of a client’s child or the anniversary of them living in their home.

Connect Them

It’s always a good idea to keep a running list of local professionals like landscapers, plumbers, contractors, electricians, and even interior designers. Don’t wait for a client to ask you for these recommendations. Proactively provide them with the contact information of local professionals that can meet their needs whether they are moving in or moving out. If someone is moving into the neighborhood for the first time, go even further by offering them the name of your favorite dry cleaner, mechanic, and the contact info of babysitters you trust if they have kids. These will all make a big impact!

Utilize Awkward Agent for More Agent Marketing Ideas

All of these behaviors strengthen your relationships with your existing clients and will help you get more referrals. Another great way to increase your business is by using Awkward Agent for all your marketing needs. We help you get beyond that awkward phase with your clients quickly. To learn more, get in touch today!

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