Make Your Real Estate Client Feel Special: Do These 3 Things


As a real estate agent, you know that you have an important job: you help people find homes they love. You’re also probably aware that your clients are people with busy lives and lots of other things going on. So how can you make sure your clients don’t feel like they’re just another number on your list of appointments?

Here are a few ways to go above and beyond for your clients:

1.) Send them a welcome package with information about the area and what to expect from the process of buying a home. This can include things like school information, local events, and tips on how to get settled in their new community.

2.) Make sure they know how much you care by sending a handwritten note after each meeting or phone call. It doesn’t have to be long or flowery—just something that says “I’m thinking about you!” or “I’ll see you next week!” will show them they’re important enough for you to put in the effort of writing it down yourself.

3.) If someone has an unusual circumstance (maybe they’re buying a house while living abroad), send them some resources that could be helpful as they navigate those waters (like websites about international real estate laws).

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