Let’s Talk Trash

Let’s face it, when it comes to real estate postcards, they all look the same. Open your mailbox and see firsthand that the five mailers you received show a picture of a house, fall leaves, and a headline like “The Real Estate Market is Changing.” If you want to stand out, you need to be more creative.

Creativity Matters

We are exposed to thousands of advertisements daily, which seems impossible, but it’s not. And the fact that most people can’t remember what they have seen proves our point that most ads are not memorable. The ads you remember break through the clutter. They make you laugh, think, and create an emotional connection. 

Stop Throwing Your Money Away

Direct mail advertising can be very effective. But only if done right. If you spend money mailing a postcard, make sure it stands out. Think about your behavior when you sift through your mail. If you’re like me, you glance at the piece and quickly determine which pile it belongs in – toss it or open it. You make this decision within 2-3 seconds. If the piece doesn’t grab your attention, it gets thrown away along with the money you just spent on it. What a waste! 

Do It Right Or Not At All

Your results are only as good as your marketing. If your marketing is “bleh,” it’s game over. You will not create top-of-mind awareness. But, if you put a creative spin on your marketing, potential buyers and sellers will pick up the phone and call you when they’re ready to make a move. That said, ensure your postcard has an eye-catching visual and intriguing headline. Something that makes the recipient want to read on and shows you’re a marketing pro and agent, unlike the other ten they have in their contact list.

Let Awkward Agent Help

Our professional copywriters and designers have created an incredible selection of postcards that draw people’s attention while providing valuable real estate information. Everything we do is intended to help you connect with your sphere more authentically and memorably. Learn more about how Awkward Agent can help you be a stand-out agent today. 

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