How to Shoot Straight In Messy Situations


The best advice for real estate agents when convincing their sellers to declutter is to be sensitive and honest.

Let’s face it: most people are attached to their stuff. When they’re trying to sell their home, they can get defensive about the idea of getting rid of items they’ve had for years. You might even get some pushback from your clients if you ask them to remove photos or family heirlooms from the walls.

It’s important that you don’t come across as someone who doesn’t understand what it means for someone to have a connection with their belongings. Instead, try explaining how keeping too many things in your home just makes it feel cluttered and small, which can make potential buyers feel like they’re not getting as much value out of the space as they should—and therefore not be willing to pay as much money for it.

You need to present this information in a way that makes sense and doesn’t sound accusatory or judgmental. The key is just being honest with your clients and letting them know that getting rid of things will lead to a better experience for everyone involved: you’ll have an easier time showing off their property, and they’ll see an increase in profits when they sell!

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