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The content you share on social media can make or break the way your brand is perceived. Do you have a strategy for deciding what to post on social media? If not, that’s okay. The good news is, you don’t always have to write original content yourself. You can get a lot of mileage out of sharing links, articles, blog posts, and videos from relevant third parties. But there’s more to sourcing content than just randomly posting links or retweeting articles. You have to determine which content is appropriate for your audience, brand, and chosen social networks.

Here are four helpful tips to help you choose the best content to share.

#1: Find Quality Sources

Always evaluate potential links you may share based on credibility, accuracy, and audience appeal. Prepare to spend a decent amount of time researching, as you might need to read more articles than expected to find the best content. Be your own filter, and take the time to sift through the bad links. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, use a different search term, search engine, or website. A good rule of thumb… You shouldn’t need to scroll and search for the actual content of the article.

#2: Share Only Relevant, Timely Content

The best content to share on social media is relevant and timely. No one wants to read a holiday themed post in the middle of August or a back-to-school article in March. Make sure you’re only posting current trends and helpful information. If this feels hard, don’t worry, it will get easier when you get to know your audience better.

#3: Repurpose Your Own Content

If you’ve got an amazing blog post, why not create some graphics with quotes for Instagram? Or make a video inspired by the content to share on Youtube or Facebook? When you just share on one platform, you’re missing out on an opportunity to reach audiences who are following you elsewhere. This isn’t to say you should just copy and paste or cross-post. This strategy is about repackaging your ideas and expressing them in fresh ways.

#4: Celebrate National “Whatever” Day

There are a million quirky holidays, and they make for interesting social media posts. For example, February 9th is “National Pizza Day.” How about posting where to get the best pizza in town. Or better yet, deliver pizzas to your clients. For more inspiration, check out the National Days Calendar.

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