What's all included in my Awkward Agent membership?

When you become a member of Awkward Agent, you have access to hundreds of ideas to help you connect with your sphere. Our marketing gallery includes downloadable creative for monthly pop-bys, direct mail, note cards, special occasion gift ideas, open house materials, and detailed event plans with shopping lists. Our team has spent countless hours bringing all of these unique ideas together so you can spend less time surfing the internet and more time with your clients. In addition to the inspiration you'll receive, our site includes an online planner and virtual assistant to keep you on track.

Do you send marketing materials out for me?

Our job is to provide you with outside-the-box creative that helps you create top-of-mind awareness. Instead of hiring your own marketing person, you have us. Our creative department is continually adding new ideas and creative to the gallery for you to use. All of which is professionally designed and stands out from the crowd. When you become a member, you gain unlimited access to this gallery PLUS an integrated marketing planner and virtual assistant to keep you on track.

How many team members are included in the team membership option?

Our team membership option is an amazing deal by allowing unlimited team members. However, to ensure that everyone is a legitimate team member, once the admin sets up the account, the team name is locked and cannot be deleted/changed. As a team member, each individual is able to create their own unique marketing plan, customize marketing pieces with their personal information, and receive reminders from the virtual assistant specific to their own marketing plan.

Can we change the colors on the marketing pieces to reflect our brand?

We have intentionally selected a color scheme that works universally - no matter who your brokerage firm is. If people feel they are constantly being sold to, they get turned off and stop paying attention. We urge you to continue to send your market updates and property specific marketing pieces. However, if you want to connect authentically with your sphere, our creative feels less salesy, more fun, and it's just downright cool.

Do I need to print my marketing pieces with Awkward Agent?

No. You have the option to download creative and send it to your printer of choice or print at home. But, if you choose to print with us, you can order direct from our site and pieces will be shipped straight to your door.

Can we include both our team and company logos on our marketing pieces?

In an effort to keep your marketing pieces clean and simple, there is space for one logo. If on a team, most people simply include their team name in the contact block and company logo. This works very well and looks nice. Another tip, when you upload your logo, use a stacked (square) version. It will populate the design space larger than if you try to shrink down a horizontal logo.

Do you post on social media for members?

No, we do not post for members. Awkward Agent provides daily post suggestions and templates you can use, but it's up to you to post each day. We really want you to take ownership of your social media by writing unique captions, posting some of your own photos/videos, and replying to people's comments.

Can we edit the creative?

Agents cannot edit the creative. All of our marketing pieces have been developed using industry best practices to help you stand out from the crowd. With that said, we believe simple is best. When you set up your profile, we will collect your first name, last name, company name, team name (if applicable), email, phone number, headshot and logo. All of this information will be included on your customized marketing materials.

How often should I reach out to my sphere?

We recommend reaching out to your sphere a minimum of 8 times per year. This may sound hard to do, but it really isn’t. By simply sending a direct mail piece each quarter, acknowledging a couple of special occasions, and dropping off a few pop-bys, you’re already there! With our easy-to-use planner, you can pick any combination of activities that feel right for you and be well on your way to becoming the agent they think of first.

Is the virtual assistant a real person?

No. The Virtual Assistant is not a real person. Each item featured in our marketing gallery is programmed with action reminders leading up to the date of the scheduled activity. For example, if you added a "pop-by" to your calendar, you'll receive your first reminder 30 days out to make a list of clients in your database you want to visit. Two weeks after this, you'll receive a reminder encouraging you to download and print your "pop-by" tags or send them to our partner printer and to purchase your items. These key reminders will continue until the day you've picked for your deliveries. Best of all, if you're a busy agent, you can copy your assistant to receive these reminders, saving you time in delegating what needs to be done.

What if I don't like Awkward Agent? What is your refund policy?

When you join as a member of Awkward Agent you have full access to our planner, virtual assistant, and downloadable creative. For that reason, our membership fee is non-refundable. If you do decide to cancel, your membership will be good for the remainder of your term and not renewed the following year.

I've lost touch with some of my clients. How can I reconnect without seeming salesy?

The key to reconnecting is to do it in a way that feels sincere. Meaning, don't ask for the sale. Just do something nice and leave the sales pitch behind. Trust us, they know you're in real estate and if they like you, they'll remember you when they make a move. In the meantime, just focus on being cool. Invite them to a party at your house, or send them a personal note to celebrate a milestone they've recently posted about on social media. Just treat them like a friend.

Will my marketing materials feature my information?

When you join Awkward Agent, one of the first steps will be to set up your agent profile. You'll be prompted to enter key information like your name, company, title, phone number, email, photo, and logo. When you download artwork to print on your own or send to our partner printer, that's when the magic happens. Your information gets populated to the piece resulting in branded marketing just for you!

Other agents tell me I should host events, but what if no one comes? Do people really want to socialize with their Realtor?

If you plan a cool event that’s gratitude-based, people will come. This is about hanging out with your people and nothing more. Take away any expectation of a sale and watch the RSVPs roll in. And if they don’t, people are still going to feel special for being invited. Events are a fantastic way to personally connect and typically result in new business after.

Can I add my own activities to the planner?

Yes. Our planner is so cool that you can add your marketing activities outside the scope of what we offer on our site. That way, it’s all there for you to see in one place. You can do this in the editing mode of the planner section.

How do you customize social media posts?

Social media posts can be customized in Canva (a free program). Each month we provide a recommendation for daily posts and 15 Instagram and Facebook templates. Although we provide you with these templates, we urge you to use our prompts but create your own spin on it. Remember, people want to see YOU - your photos and unique captions. By doing this, your post will feel authentic and create more interactions.

Time and time again, I have been told to send personal notes to my clients, but I am at a complete loss of what to say. It’s really hard to send someone a note, especially if you don't know them very well. Do you have any suggestions?

Sending a personal note is really one of the easiest ways you can reach out to your sphere. And it’s not that difficult to find reasons to do so. Simply look to social media. Every day, someone in your sphere is celebrating a birthday, a new job, or going on a trip of a lifetime. Acknowledge these moments by sending them your well wishes. This simple gesture will not go unnoticed and you’ll be their trusted agent for years to come.

Do you offer monthly payment plans?

We do not offer a monthly payment plan but fortunately, our annual plan rate is very affordable and will save you hours of time so you can focus on showing, selling, and closing.

Who is Awkward Agent's partner printer?

Members have the choice to download and print marketing collateral themselves, or for convenience sake, they can order printed materials through our website. Printing orders are directed and fulfilled by Plumb Marketing. For questions regarding Plumb Marketing's services or a placed order, please visit www.plumbmarketing.com or call (303)607-9424.

What's a good closing gift and how much should I spend?

Sometimes, you have a client who’s hard to shop for. In this situation, it’s OK to give a gift card. But, when possible, we’d always prefer you give a gift that is hand-selected and has shelf life so they‘ll think of you in the future. Our website includes a number of unique gift ideas for your consideration. As for your budget, our advice is not to be cheap. It’s no secret that you just got paid a nice commission check. Give some of it back with a quality gift. They’ll appreciate you more for it.

Does my membership include printing?

No. The cost for membership includes full access to our marketing gallery with downloadable creative and the online planner with a virtual assistant. For the creative you wish to use, you can either download the artwork and print it at home, send to your favorite printer, or send to our printer partner. Costs for printing will be additional.

I know that Pop-By’s can be a great way to stay in front of potential clients. But I feel awkward just stopping by someone’s house and dropping one off, especially if I don’t know the person very well. Do you have any suggestions to make this feel more natural?

Change your mindset. Don’t make your pop-bys about a quick sale. Think of them as a small gesture to brighten someone’s day. This is a no strings attached effort. Drop one off around the holidays and no one will think twice about your intention. They’ll just think you’re a really nice person.

I feel weird about asking for people's information at open houses. How can I do this without appearing pushy?

You can capture potential buyer's names by simply asking them to fill out one of our professionally designed survey cards. This is a great way to obtain their information while also getting feedback from your sellers. Once you get their information, make sure you enter it into your database and follow-up after the event with one of our open house thank you postcards.


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