What do you mean by "themed box?"

If you subscribe to our monthly box plan, we feature a different theme for each month. For example, our May box may be focused on National Moving Month and include marketing pieces supporting this idea.

What do you mean by "agent branded materials?"

When you subscribe to one of our plans, we will customize your printed marketing materials to include your first name, last name, title, team name (if applicable), company name, email, phone number, logo, and headshot.

Can we include more than one phone number and email?

All of our creative has been designed to include space for only one phone number and email address. Therefore, when completing your agent profile for customization, we recommend you include your best contact information.

Can we include both our company and team logos on our marketing pieces?

In an effort to keep your marketing pieces clean and simple, there is space for one logo. If you are on a team, we recommend you feature your team name in text and use your team logo. This works very well and looks nice.

Can I order more than the standard quantity in my monthly plan?

No. Our boxes have been priced based on the predetermined quantity. If you need additional materials, we recommend adding a second membership.

Do you mail the marketing materials for me?

No. We will send your customized box of materials each month, but it is your responsibility to deliver or mail them to your sphere.

Do I need to make an annual commitment?

No. You can cancel at anytime. However, you will need to cancel by the 25th of each month to avoid being billed for the upcoming month’s shipment.

What do you provide for social media?

If you subscribe to our monthly or seasonal box plan, you'll receive an editable Canva link with recommended posts and captions.

Do you post on social media for members?

No. We provide you with posts and captions but it is your responsibility to schedule.

What do you provide for events?

If you subscribe to our monthly our seasonal box program, we’ll provide you with an event ideas and detailed plans so you can execute flawlessly. The event suggestions we provide do not require a long lead-time and won't break the bank.

What is the marketing workshop offered to members?

At the beginning of each month, we'll host a 45-minute class for our monthly box plan subscribers. During this class, we’ll review the box materials and provide tips for execution. We’ll also throw in a few more bonus ideas! Our seasonal box subscribers will also be invited to join a 45-minute class. Their class will be scheduled at the beginning of each quarter. During this class, we'll review their box of materials and provide helpful tips and bonus suggestions.

Will my credit card be charged on the same day every month?

Yes, your credit card will be charged on the same day of every month.

Is tax and shipping included in the subscription price?

Yes, monthly plans include tax and shipping.

When do monthly orders get shipped?

Boxes for the upcoming month are shipped from our office between the 10th and 15th.

Can I add my own activities to the planner?

Yes. Our planner is so cool that you can add your marketing activities outside the scope of what we offer on our site. That way, it’s all there for you to see in one place. You can do this in the editing mode of the planner section.

What is a pop-by?

A pop-by is a small gift that features a gift tag with a fun marketing message attached. Pop-bys are intended to be delivered in person by the agent.

Why do agents deliver pop-bys?

Popping by a client’s home provides the agent with an opportunity to reconnect, which ultimately opens the door to opportunity.

Do pop-bys need to be delivered in person?

The intention of a “pop-by” is to get face-to-face with your client or potential client. However, if you are unable to connect, leave the gift on their front porch, snap a photo, and text it to them so they know you stopped by.

How much should I expect to pay for recommended pop-by gifts?

The pop-bys we recommend each month won't break the bank. We've intentionally selected items that are cool, but also affordable. If you go with our suggestions, expect to spend $5-$10 per item. However, depending on your bargain shopping skills, you might be able to spend less!

Do we need to order our pop-by gifts from Awkward Agent?

No. We do not directly sell pop-by gift items. Instead, we offer you suggestions on what we think is cool. Each month, we identify some of our favorites and pass these ideas on to you.

What type of note cards are included in the "Note Card of the Month" plan?

Each month, you’ll receive a package of “just because” agent-branded cards that you can give to anyone, at any time.

What types of exclusive offers will I receive?

We are all about providing unique creative to help you stand out. Expect to receive exclusive offerings from our ever-expanding library of creative.


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