Archive News: State of My Busted Computer Address

So, I had hoped to have this sorted out by now. But, yeah; my computer is still borked.

The good news is that I have the best IT guy I know working on the problem. He’ll be building a whole new rig for me. It’s just going to take some time for the parts to come in and for assembly.

So, I WILL be back to writing proper as soon as everything is sorted out. Thanks again for sticking with me while life desides to complicate everything.


Archive News: Technical Difficulties and A (possible) Thanksgiving Break

So, I’ve spent over an hour trying to get my computer running (even crashing as I finished this sentence) and am currently sending this from my phone. The problem is that it’s not as efficient as my PC which gives me more editing and research options (read: jumping between apps on a phone is a pain in the balls).

So, until I sort this out, I’m going to be somewhat limited in what I can do here. I’m may even have to go radio silent for awhile until I can get this heap repaired or replaced.

What’s more, I may take next week off as well in order to spend Thanksgiving with the family. I realize this is going to be super inconvenient for you all, but I promise it’s just as hellish for me.

At any rate, I want to thank you all for your continued support (seriously, yesterday was the first day in some time that reader ship dipped below 30 a day) and I hope you’ll all stick around and wait for me when I eventually get back on track. Take care of yourselves and I hope to be back soon.

In Memoriam: Justin Carmical

CarmicalThose of you who follow me on my various channels or follow the news of those far more influential than myself will have most likely have heard this news, but seeing how much of an inspiration he was to me, I felt the need to express my feelings in my own preferred medium.

On the 23rd of January, YouTube entertainer and alumni of Justin Carmical, better known as “JewWario”; the host of You Can Play This, was found and declared dead in his Colorado Springs home at the age of 42. The cause of death was ruled as a suicide via a self-inflicted gunshot and was confirmed by his wife Jennifer Carmical on Facebook two days later.

I wanted to take some time to express just how significant this man was in my life despite learning about him fairly late and despite never having met him in person.

As many of you know, I have long supported the effort and talent of those on the Internet who entertain and inform. In that regard, Mr. Carmical was influential. With his YouTube channel dating back to 2006, his is noted as one of the first video game themed shows on the site. Without him helping to start this trend, we would likely never see or experience other great talents such as Matthew “MatPat” Patrick’s scientific breakdown of games on Game Theory or Josh “JWittz” Wittenkeller’s up-to-date news on Nintendo’s latest reveals.

As for Mr. Carmical himself, he did far more than I think most could realize. On the outside, he simply talked about imported games that we could play for ourselves. Looking deeper though, I see the beauty in his work. He combined the media of gaming with his own brand of humor to help us experience segments of another country’s culture that we would otherwise never have thought to look for using gaming as a grounding base to help us understand it better. Other entertainers like Gaijin Goombah at Game Exchange do the same (albeit, with a different method) and owe a great deal to Justin Carmical for helping to set the original mold.

If Mr. Carmical’s family happens across this, please know that my prayers are with him and all of you. I regret never having met him, but I do know that he gave us all a great joy that we can never hope to repay – myself included. He was, and remains, an inspiration to a staggering number of us that can only hope to honor him as best as we can.

God bless, Justin Carmical. Farewell, and thank you for all you’ve given.