Archive News: State of My Busted Computer Address

So, I had hoped to have this sorted out by now. But, yeah; my computer is still borked.

The good news is that I have the best IT guy I know working on the problem. He’ll be building a whole new rig for me. It’s just going to take some time for the parts to come in and for assembly.

So, I WILL be back to writing proper as soon as everything is sorted out. Thanks again for sticking with me while life desides to complicate everything.


Archive News: Future Uncertian

My apologies to everyone this week. I’m emotionally spent after being hit with a major crisis that could affect my livelihood.

Long story kept short, my roommate just received a major cut to her hours at work – a cut so bad that I can’t make up the deficit and we’re looking at the very real possibility of not being able to afford our rent anymore.

At this point, I’m trying to explore all possible avenues of getting out of this situation. Unless we find a way out, we’re both looking at being kicked back with our parents or possibly worse.

I really need to focus on this for a while and I’ll try to keep you all posted on the situation as things develop. I thank you for your patience and I’ll be back shortly.

Archive News: Sick Day

At the time of this writing, I can’t breathe, my head is pounding, and I’m light-headed and dizzy to the point of nausea. So, as you can guess, I don’t really have the mental strength to pontificate today.

That said, I’d like to take some time to thank everyone for their continuing support. Readership has been very encouraging these last few weeks. I was honestly worried that more controversial topics like my Agnostic interpretation of the Nine Satanic Statements would have driven most people away. But, with only one or two exceptions, it seems that most of you have stuck with me. It shows that you genuinely care about seeing things from a different perspective; even if it’s a perspective you personally don’t agree with. And that should be a sign to everyone that there’s still good in the world and decent, open-minded people willing to build it up.

I’ll have actual content next week folks. For now, I need to sleep off this pain before I have to go to work tonight. Thank you all again.

Archive News: BRB, Housesitting…

Just real quick, folks. My roommate and our landlady/her boss left me in charge of looking after the homestead this week. So, as to be expected, I’m a bit overwhelmed caring for two houses (complete with pets, gardens, etc.) while juggling work.

What’s more, I’ve been trying to make bigger leaps into the Archive Video Project. I unexpectedly found a reasonably priced camcorder and have been trying to build a decent, makeshift set to record – thus resulting in a major shift from my original vision.

Overall, I just need a day or two to sort everything out and get back on my feet. Hell, I may make a stay-home spa day of it before I have to go to work tonight. I’ll see you all next week.

Archive News: Update On The Archive Video Project

Bah! Bah to you, writer’s block! BAH!

Anyway, I did have some stuff to talk about regarding my goal of establishing a channel on YouTube. I’m currently gathering audio equipment slowly but surely and trying to hammer out the format that I want to present in. I’m currently leaning towards the format popularized by fine people like MovieBob, the earlier videos of Gaijin Goombah, and others where still-images are used as avatars for my emotional state (no camera, remember).

I think those of you reading will appreciate a format like this since it gives you the option of looking at pretty pictures, but you can always look away and just listen to the audio if you’re watching while you work at the office. It’s also a fair bit closer to the old radio talk show format that I used to work with in college, so I’ll be operating from a zone of mild familiarity.

At this point, I’m still green when it comes to the editing and production process, so I’m not sure how long it will take to publish videos on a regular basis. I’ll be looking up some tutorials for Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere in the meantime while gathering requisite materials. If any of you would like to help by recommending tutorials for me to look at, I’d greatly appreciate it.

While I do that, I’d like to recommend two other hard working artists in the field of social commentary that are farther along than me and could really use your help.

The first is The Voyages; a channel that’s equal parts philosophical debate, psychology lesson, and Galaxy Quest. The show follows the adventures of Captain R.L. King as he travels the universe in search of the deeper meaning of our favorite Sci-Fi stories. His essays provide a lot of insight into the way we tell stories.

Next, there’s The Obscure; the ramblings of a white wig wearing, pot smoking, LSD dropping, jaded, weirdo hipster dedicated to cataloging and analyzing the memories of the past that are only just on the periphery of our vision. If you appreciate my broad range of topics, you’ll likely enjoy his musings from behind those mysterious shades and insane grin.

These two are small channels still and could really use your help to grow; The Voyages has only just begun its journey (no pun intended) and the fact that The Obscure only BARELY has more subscribers than I have followers here on WordPress should be a mortal sin. Go check these guys out and show them some love. I hope to be counting myself among their ranks soon.

Archive News: Overwhelmed and Uninspired

God, I hope this isn’t going to become a monthly thing…

So, between butting heads at work over vacation time, recent news reports, and more drama over the lives of internet celebrities, I have a bit of a problem here. There’s a lot of information swarming around my head right now that’s kind of a mess to decipher right now. As for the things I want to talk about, they’re either things where the info is too murky to make any sort of accurate commentary on such as the recent gas attack in Syria or things that people have already commented on better than I could as is the case with new information regarding the now infamous JonTron v. Destiny debates.

The good news is that, after some discussion and fixing some miscommunication, I do have some vacation time coming up at work to clear my head and get back on a more, if not positive thinking, than at least constructive thinking path. So, just give me some time to sort this hot mess out and I’ll be back before you know it.

Archive News: Scheduling Conflicts

Hey, kiddos and kids-at-heart!

Due to poor scheduling on my part and unforeseen delays on the part of third parties, I don’t have a proper discussion ready this week. That said I do want to revive an old topic I mentioned a while back.

Some time ago I mentioned horror cinema’s value as a political and social information tool. Considering that one of the biggest hit in theaters right now is Get Out, a horror story about the terrors of racism, I wanted to see if we could breathe new life into the topic. So please be sure to read it and leave your thoughts if you haven’t or leave new thoughts if you have any. Also, be sure to share it with others to expand the discussion and help me spread the word about The Archive. We’ve just passed 140 followers on Twitter and are VERY close to 300 on WordPress.

Thanks for your support!