3 Secrets Only the Best Real Estate Agents Know

Building a name for yourself as a real estate agent takes time. If only there was a way to jump ahead and gain those years of experience and the knowledge that comes with it! The best thing you can do as a new agent is heed the wisdom of those that are wiser and more experienced than you are. Here are some secrets from top agents on how to gain real estate clients and maintain them!

1.    Trust is Key

Fostering trust with your clients is crucial if you want your client to stick with you until the sale is closed. But trust doesn’t just happen. It must be built intentionally. Some easy practices to build a solid trusting relationship with your clients include being a good listener, never making promises you’re not sure you can keep, and always respecting your clients’ time. Including testimonials from past clients on your website will also help cultivate trust with clients before they’ve even hired you. 

The most important thing to remember with trust is that it takes time. That being said, when you’re consistently fostering these good habits, you’ll be able to build trust sooner rather than later. Not only does trust improve client satisfaction but it also increases your chances of getting referrals from your clients.

2.    Show Gratitude with Cards and Closing Gifts

Expressing your gratitude is a great life practice, but it’s also a good business practice. There are many different times when you want to make sure you express your thanks to a client or even a potential client, including:

  • After meeting with a prospective client for the first time
  • When you’ve secured a listing
  • After selling your client’s home
  • When escrow has closed
  • When a former client refers you to someone else

A good old-fashioned handwritten thank you note will make more of an impact than a simple email. If you’ve closed a sale, don’t only show your thanks with a card. Make sure you buy a good closing gift, too—and don’t be cheap about it! To maintain a strong relationship with past clients and maximize the potential of working with them again in the future, you may want to also send a card at the anniversary of when they moved into their home as well as holidays or birthdays.

3.    Maximize Your Value to Clients

There’s no shortage of real estate agents out there. How can you maximize the chances of a client hiring you? The best thing you can do is offer your clients as much bang for their buck as possible. 

Don’t just educate buyers about individual properties and the local real estate market. Provide buyers with families as much info as you can about local schools, give stats on local foreclosures, and recommend some favorite neighborhood haunts. You might even give them some literature to take home and study. The more information you can provide, the more value you’re providing with your services.

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