Archive News: Scheduling Conflicts

Hey, kiddos and kids-at-heart!

Due to poor scheduling on my part and unforeseen delays on the part of third parties, I don’t have a proper discussion ready this week. That said I do want to revive an old topic I mentioned a while back.

Some time ago I mentioned horror cinema’s value as a political and social information tool. Considering that one of the biggest hit in theaters right now is Get Out, a horror story about the terrors of racism, I wanted to see if we could breathe new life into the topic. So please be sure to read it and leave your thoughts if you haven’t or leave new thoughts if you have any. Also, be sure to share it with others to expand the discussion and help me spread the word about The Archive. We’ve just passed 140 followers on Twitter and are VERY close to 300 on WordPress.

Thanks for your support!

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