Archive News: I Want To Mix Things Up

Writer’s block strikes me, folks. I just haven’t been very inspired lately. That said, it’s not like I have nothing to talk about.

So, one of the things I’ve wanted to do for some time is to start doing these weekly articles as videos on YouTube. I honestly feel that an audio/visual medium would be better since having a voice and face attached to my words would humanize my work a bit more and it would mean that you wouldn’t have to stare at/drag your eyes across text; you could just play it while you work on something else.

Obviously, I’m still a long way off from that goal. I want to make sure I have decent equipment for recording and editing. But, I’ve also been toying around with ideas for a regular series in the meantime.

One idea I had was an exploration of tropes and cliches in media using cultural and psycho-social analysis. Think a TV Tropes article as written by Gaijin Goombah; two things that I can waste an entire day absorbed in if the mood takes me. I liked this I idea the most so far as It would give me and others a better understanding of our favorite movies, books, TV shows and video games.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what’s jostling around in my headspace right now. I’ll be back once this creative slump passes. In the meantime, you should all go read Anonymously Autistic. It’s a wonderful blog about living with autism that provides great insights on the subject.

Thanks to you all. I’ll be back soon.

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