Presidential Peril: Why I Fear That The 2016 Election Will Be Apocalyptic

You have been warned.

Wow, it’s been far too long since I’ve talked politics here. But in my defense, it’s not the most fun topic to write for. Still, things need to need to be said.

At the moment, it seems that the two big names in this coming race for the presidency are Bernie Sanders and (god have mercy on us all) Donald Trump. This is, to me at least, highly problematic.

There is the obvious problem that exists with the possibility that Trump will be commander-in-chief. As a world-renowned corporate sleazeball, he will undoubtedly push for laws that give larger corporate entities like himself an unfair economic advantage – pushing the rest of us even deeper into crippling poverty.

But, as much as I like Sanders’ politics, I predict problems with him in power as well.

I’ve mentioned in the past my policy on not voting due to the obvious flaws in the system that make it practically worthless. But there’s another reason why I don’t vote: our votes don’t count.

A recent study by Princeton University showed that the only votes that matter belong to the upper 10 percent of the people; i.e., the people who can afford to buy political power and swing the laws in their favor at the expense of the other 90 percent. And bare in mind that this isn’t a recent development. This study goes back through 40 years of data and the corruption likely stems even further back than that.

To put it in simple terms, I dread the next election because I fear it will expose this corruption to everyone once and for all. Either Trump will allow a flood of stupid laws that will kill our country or Sanders will be overridden with every positive move he makes (he may not be for sale, but the people in the senate and house that can cancel a veto with a two-thirds vote are).

This is going to make me sound like a paranoid doomsayer, but the best case scenario I can see from this is civil unrest finally growing out of control. The worst, on the other hand, is our learned helplessness allowing us to be consumed by an unfeeling government that just doesn’t care about us.

I’m scared, frustrated, and angry, field operatives… and you should be, too.

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