Archive News: Unscheduled Mental Health Day

Mellow greetings, Field Operatives!

So, a lot of stuff has been going on lately up my way. I recently suffered a huge financial headache. I’ve been juggling my duties to work, family and friends. I’m still struggling to make this new computer what I want it to be.

Basically, I lack the creative energy and drive to wax philosophic on the everyday things that I hold dear to me this week.

So, to save myself from a potential psychotic break and hopefully ease the anxiety-triggered muscle spasms that are currently wrecking my neck and shoulders, I’m taking some sound advise and treating myself to an impromptu vacation.

So yes, you can take this to mean that I won’t be doing an article this week. Sorry about that.

But fret not, my loyal Field Operatives. During my time off, I’ll be in Maine and you have my word that I’ll be sharing the details of my trip on my return – with photos.

I just feel that, as I draw closer to my 100th post here at The Archive, I need to take a brief mental refresher to ensure that I can give you my absolute best work. After all, I can’t think to my fullest capacity if my mind and soul are weighed down by other issues.

See you all later this week!

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