In Response to Kyle Kallgren (or “A Motivational Question to Start Your day”)

Ladies and gentlemen; the smartest man on the internet (Neil DeGrasse Tyson doesn’t count).

Recently, I’ve been trying to catch up on the work of producers online that I’ve been missing due to my shift of focus elsewhere. One of the people whose work I’m happy to be seeing again is Kyle Kallgren of Brows Held High.

But, more so than his reviews of obscure “high art” cinema (which I then seek out regardless of quality just because they’re so much different and interesting from the blockbusters), I enjoy his deeper analysis of mainstream pop culture in Between the Lines.

In his most recent BtL episode, Kyle used The Avengers and the larger Marvel universe to show how the heroes all have a different definition of what it means to be a hero and how it reflects our conflicting philosophies in real life.

The hard-hitting part for me was when he put a more intellectual spin on the classic nerd question of, “If you could have any superpower, what would it be,” by asking a much more important question; “If you could have any superpower, how would you use it?

I was not expecting that question, nor did I expect it to make me reflect so much on my own motivations in life. In retrospect, Kyle’s describing of character motivations in terms of, “the heroism in [insert motivation],” helped me to focus on what I what out of life and I want to share that meditative mantra with you.

First, you need to know what your powers would be as a meta-human. This was the easiest part for me since I knew what powers I’ve wanted from childhood. I always wanted to travel to other worlds and possess an amazing capacity for knowledge (partially manifesting in recreating tactics and techniques) to collect knowledge and wisdom from around the universe. Think Brainiac sans world destruction.

But it’s when I thought about how I’d use all that knowledge that I understood my motivation in life. I want to use the things I’ve learned to improve the lives of others as well as myself. I’d share my intellect with those in need that they could help themselves and turn that knowledge against those that would use it to harm others.

To use the mantra that Kyle gave us, my ideology is, “the heroism in enlightenment.”

So, this week, I want to hear your ideas of heroism. What would your powers be and how would you use them? Share them with me and other readers that you may get a better understanding of what you want from yourself and the world.

Oh, and if Kyle happens to be reading this, thank you for making us all a little more enlightened.

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