The Agent’s Guide to Ethical Pranking


Whoever did this, for example, is a total slime ball.
Source:Fun On The Net

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!

Even though I haven’t engaged in any tomfoolery in years, I still find some pleasure in the mischief of others.

The only problem I have – no one knows how to be an ETHICAL prankster anymore.

I remember back in my day that a good prank was something that everyone could laugh at, fool and fooled alike. These days, it seems that a lot of pranks are just unwarranted acts of maliciously calculated schadenfreude.

So, on this most glorious day of playful misconduct and joyous shenanigans, I will detail for you my code of morals when trying to flummox those unfortunate enough to be called my friends.

Like A Doctor; Do No Harm

A well crafted prank should never result in any kind of damage to property or person. For instance, on paper, greasing the floor so your friend will face plant may seem funny, but it’s also a good way to hurt someone you care about.

Also, destroying other people’s stuff is a bad idea as well. Your victim will be less likely to join in the joke if he has to replace his windshield because of your jackass-ery.

I’m sure you wouldn’t be laughing if your buddy cracked his head open on his wide-screen TV that broke as it fell him and had to be rushed to the hospital (If you would, why are you even here. This is a happy place). So ask yourself before you prank if this could have any potential for destruction or dismemberment.

No One Likes A Bully

This one should go without saying which is why it’s being said.

The prank stops being fun when it starts being about spite and the target of your ire is undeserving of shame and/or is unable to defend themselves.

Let me put it this way; remember that creep in grade school with the triple-digit body weight and double-digit IQ that would stuff you in your locker and hang your underwear on the flag pole? Yeah, that’s what you are doing when you prank that 12-year old kid.

Anyone can pull a prank on a single person less fortunate then themselves. A true master of roguish merriment can baffle a whole army of people greater then themselves.

Strive For Greatness

If you must prank someone, don’t just do some lame gag that anyone can do. Take a look around for inspiration and do something amazing.

Not only did no one become famous putting a ‘kick me’ sign on someone, but the more amazing your prank is, the more likely they’ll be to laugh with you and – by extension – the less likely you’ll be to get in trouble for your deviltry.

Don’t just give someone a wedgie. Go the extra mile; place posters declaring National Wedgie Day in front of the Victoria’s Secret.

Have Fun

Above all else, this is a day for fun and frivolity. Let loose and share some laughs with the people you love and cherish. Keep these pointers in mind and you and your targets will be sure to have a memorable day.


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